Wheres the love?

I know most of the people who have adored The halo series have adored Bungie, and now point fingers at 343i as if they are the cancer in the gaming community. and also people like to whine, -Yoink-, complain and mope. about Halo 4 and the fact that things are not what they used to be. WE GET IT! Its utterly useless to complain about how back in the day and how Halo 2 was the best Halo there ever was. I understand this Completely, I played Halo 2 since the day it came out, and enjoyed every bit of action on xbox live. but things have got to move on. if people were to make just the same thing over and over again, Halo itself would have never existed, but it all starts with trying something new. Bungie in Halo:Reach implemented many new ideas such as… Armor Abilities - Sprint,Armor lock (bane of my existence), Active Camo,Hologram,Drop shield, jet pack (still hate it), and Evade (personal fav). they implanted Loadouts, that could start out with various guns right off the bat, some with plasmas, some with shotguns and swords. regardless the fact that now everyone was going to be the same, they needed something New or they themselves would not exist long as a gaming company. 343i whom I mind you, is consisted of many bungie employees who wanted to see halo through to the End, so when you phrase bungie and thumb down 343i, is probably one of thee most person strong quote I have ever heard. They are very similar but not the same. I agree I have my fair share of issues with Halo 4, in the sense of 1. Instant respawn, have evaded my me getting a extermination a few times, and is also horrendous when ever said dead poor sob comes back within the time your shields are still down and procedes to gun you down or rip your dam -Yoink!- off. 2.The fact that most games do not allow Maps weapons and only grenades to spawn back in after their first pick up. I found his thoroughly irritating in the fact I had to rely on getting ordnance, albeit “good” ordnance to come in to make me feel like a supreme game changer turn around moment. but other then these that just come to mind my only other idea that would help a lot of these milk drinkers out is a social and ranked playlist, I come from the hardcore division of players. (even though my moments of Halo 4 have been at a friends house with walmart speed connection.) I can truly understand why they would want the playlist of everyone has the same guns and equipment and no ordnances and no AA. and I also understand the little casual guy in the sense they just want to have fun. Halo is more then a hardcore shoot’em up multiplayer game. it is a story that have millions of fans and those fans may not be that good as you are. I mean good for you man you can whip -Yoink- in a video game I bet your Ex returns your calls too eh? I would enjoy having a thorough discussion of this if anyone would like to include their two cents :smiley: