wheres the halo 4 file browser?

also, when are there going to be new matchmaking playlists?
also, when are there going to be playlists with the 3 custom forge maps that have not been part of the game since launch?
thank you 343.

also, i would like to suggest more gametype variants within less playlists. such as the way it has been in previous halo games.

jks idk

I got no idea what playlists are online but there should be new ones coming this month. I read something about new playlists coming. I’ll try find it.

Right now, the Infinity Challenge has taken over the rotational playlists while the team is on holiday vacation. In the Dec. 12 bulletin, they talked about file share. You can search by gamertag instead of just setting it as “any”. They are “trying something new” with the file share/ file share browser that is taking them longer to implement than they originally thought, but they are working hard to try to get it up and functional.

Once they get back from break, I’m sure they will tell us more about what is coming and when as far as playlists and the TU go.

Since this is the last week of the qualifying round for the Infinity Challenge, I would expect to hear from them either later this week or next week at the latest. I doubt they will take through MLK Day off…they aren’t a College.

awesome . i have become impatient. the DLC maps came out so quickly but the play list variety is starting to get stale. all i want to do is enjoy.