Where's the Gause?

I miss the gause are we going to see it in multiplayer any time soon?

I wondered the same thing.

Asked around on Bungie’s Forums and found out that the Gauss Cannons can actually shoot through over 80% of the walls on Forge World.

It would be silly to place it into Matchmaking on any other maps in my opinion.

Just another reason why Reach needs a title update.

Not until we get some Heavies variants in Matchmaking. That thing is too OP. Not only does it kill in one hit from any distance and can fire multiple times per second, it is basically impossible to board and is fast and maneuverable. All the positives of a Scorpion and none of the drawbacks.

Let’s be honest, it’s not as armoured. But its speed almost makes up for it. I understand Forge World, but I’d love to see some of the other maps use it. Any word on why Highlands can’t use it, least alone Breakpoint or Spire? I can see Boneyard being like Forge World with its scattered metal works, but the other places… surely?

(I honestly haven’t tested if the gauss can shoot through things on those maps).

It’s not metal objects that the Gauss shoots through, but rather any forged object. This includes crates and barricades.
So that’s why until it’s fixed it isn’t really suitable for any map because it can completely ignore any cover that isn’t base map geometry.