Where's the flood?

Okay 343 I had a few problems with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, me being a 10 year veteran of the series I have played and beat all of the halos so I know what I’m talking about. First, I was hoping you would deviate from Bungie a little not saying Bungie is bad or anythin Bungie is quite respectable and actually listened to their community, but what I mean is why not throw in flood in fire fight? Why not go the extra mile to make the lip synch on the npcs in the cut scenes accurate? Why not make it a stand alone “This is 343 and this is why we are here!” game instead of having it be a basic expansion pack on Halo:REACH. Let’s be honest, 1 firefight map, 6 multi player maps (some of which wern’t even the popular ones) with out adding the greats, such as side winder or hell even Boarding action. This is me just making some constructive criticisem and I do hope to see an update to fire fight to add in the Flood some time soon

Thank you for your time if you read this,

Some people don’t want flood in FF.
Some people like the maps, some people don’t.

I was really hoping we could fight flood in firefight, but I’m not sure how much data it takes to add in new enemy models/animations/AI into the map files. I think reach firefight pulls the enemies directly from the campaign game assets seeing is how firefight is variant of campaign and not the multiplayer.

I can understand if the sheer time constraint kep them from achieving alot of things they may have wanted to do, but I’m still excited anyways.

I was just stating that having the choice to pick from every single enemy in the game would be good because I personally would want the users to be able to fight who they whant when they want weither it be flood or covenant or marines maybe even an AI spartan or something would be pretty nice. My main problem was I was expecting alot more bang for my buck because it is a Halo game afterall and we all know what we have come to expect, over the top or showing off a new feature that will be polished to near perfection in coming titles (fire fight, forge and theater modes) :slight_smile:

Well, they didn’t have much time to creat a new enemy and AI for reach

I know that, I am thinking more of a what is to come like a DLC where you can fight aginst marines or flood And they could have at least attempted to make more than just one FF map, their selection for the multiplayer maps I am fine with I just have personal favs, Oh and btw do any of you know why it wont let me access my Defiant and my other map packs I bought for REACH when I am on Anniversary? My REACH disk broke and I was hoping that I would still be able to play on those maps.

I would’ve loved a flood FF. Would add some much needed variety.

Yeah! And it’s not like you absolutely have to use the flood for fire fight it’s just a nice option that would open up worlds of oppritunity for fire fight

I see it like this, they looked at reach’s code and figured out how to give us a full experience at a reduced cost without using most of their resources in the development of Halo 4. putting the flood in firefight might have been a huge undertaking, not only because developing a complete new ai that isn’t already in the game takes serious time, but because putting that content in the game might not have been made possible by bungie without a complete reinstall, kind of why everyone thinks they are not giving us new armor.

If you want Flood FF just play the Library on legendary. Pretty much Flood FF.

> If you want Flood FF just play the Library on legendary. Pretty much Flood FF.

True, but it’s not quite the same. I think they would’ve been a good alternate to fighting covies over and over. The flood can be aggressive, and require different weapon choices and tactics.

What I’d love to see is a FF where it’s a mix of flood and covies. The first waves would be covenant, and later waves flood. Or a mix per wave. Fallen covenant would be overtaken and turned into flood. Would make things interesting. Imagine a bonus round mixed with grunts and little flood poppers?

Yeah, I was really hoping to see the Flood in Firefight as well. I mean, the Flood are easily the coolest aspect to Halo, in my opinion. Not to mention, with the addition of the AI Marines, Firefight could have been possibly the best part of CEA. Think about it, you/marines vs the covenant vs the flood. That would be EPIC. You could start off the game by killing Covenant waves as usual, then the flood could break loose and reanimate the dead covenant and marine bodies, turning it into an all-out war. Granted, this is all my views and opinions, but the missions where you have to fight both the Covenant and the Flood are the better campaign experiences.

A DLC FF map featuring the flood would be the best DLC of all time, but i’m sure we can all just keep wishing for that, because i’m certain it will never happen.

Either way, the new FF map is pretty awesome.