Where's the best place to order Halo 4 ( UK )

Ok so could some one tell me where the best place is to order Halo 4?
I don’t want to order it yet as i want the Legendary Edition. But yeah i dislike Amazon. As every game i order from there its always like 2 weeks late.

So can some tell me a good place to order and that it will be at my house on release day.

Thanks :slight_smile:

GAME would have been the way to go had they not screwed up Mass Effect, I’m not so sure anymore…

Dont yet, wait until all the different editions are released and confirmed, thats when companies actually start properly processing pre orders.

If I were pre-ordering it, I would do it through Amazon. That’s where I imagine I will eventually buy it.


Shopto.net has left me very impressed with its delivery times and prices.

I know what you’re thinking: -Yoink- name, .net instead of .com or .co.uk, but it really is very good.

EB Games, or Gamestop, depends on where you are.