Where's Oddball?

I’ve played all day and not had 1 Oddball game.

Where is it?
If it’s bugged why haven’t 343 acknowledged it?
If I have to use a swap to get rid of my Oddball challenge, will it be refunded?

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I would get rid of the challenge. There’s a theory going around if you have a mode specific challenge the system will try to put you in every other mode as long as possible.

before the playlist update I had a challenge to get 25 kills in slayer, took me 20 matches to find 1 in quick play

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With real money involved…wouldn’t that be illegal?


20 characters…

The swaps that cost real money.

Wouldn’t a hidden system like that be illegal?

I don’t think illegal is the right word. I think it’s highly unethical, and a slap in the face to fans. Again this hasn’t been proven to be true, but it has happened to a lot of people, myself included.

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I’m pretty much convinced of this theory. I had a challenge for total control, and I went through 15BTB games and didn’t get it once. Not a Single time. It’s been similar for pretty much any gamemode too. It would make sense in terms of pushing more microtransactions. Why play the game if you aren’t getting the gamemodes you need to progress? Just buy the levels.

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Agreed. On one hand I get 343 wants us to branch out and play each mode. But not allowing us to pick an individual game mode makes completing all weeklies such a chore.

I can’t even imagine how pissed I would be after 15btb games and not finding total control

I’ve kinda given up on trying to complete challenges now. I saw a video of someone completing the BP and realised that once it’s complete, there is 0 progression system. 0 rewards for playing. Nothing. I don’t think this game is in a good place at the minute, and it needs fixing very quickly if it’s going to be the touted 10-Year Platform.

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Correct. zero incentive. Although I personally don’t care about progression too much rather enjoy just playing the game.

But I’m taking a break as well. The same 4 maps in rotation is not enough to bring me back.

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