Where's my service record on here for halo reach?

I’ve been keeping watch on my rank progress in halo reach so I know how much I need to get for inheritor. One problem: where is the information?

They retired detailed stats last year. I don’t recall if the stats page showed how close you were to the next rank and so on. Admittedly, I haven’t opened that page on Waypoint in a very long time so I can’t say for sure if it did show your rank progression after the stats retirement. They are also having server issues and it looks like that’s affecting the service record page, so you might be able to see everything once they fix what needs to be fixed.

If you are looking for details stats, I’d recommend giving halotracker a go.

I was wondering the same thing. I know how many credits I need yes, but it would be nice to see my stat page regardless. It was working a week ago, now it redirects to an error page.

As noted above the details Reach stats microsite has been retired now.

There is an issue viewing legacy service records right now, this is being tracked here: