Where's my map? Help!

A month ago I made a big team vehicle combat map called Action Canyon. It was pretty good in Alpha, then I made some changes and saved it as a new map called Action Canyon 2 which I played a couple times.

Last week I started on a new map called Umumir. I made sure I started building on a blank Forge World slate and wasn’t overwriting anything when I saved it.

Today I tried opening Action Canyon 2 in Forge and in Customs, but every time I try opening it, Umumir opens instead. The original Action Canyon opens fine, but I don’t want to have to reapply the changes all over again. Anyone know what the problem is? Can a map get “corrupted”?

all that i can think of is that you may have saved over your map with this new one some how. but the only advice i can give is go back to your alpha version. and you never know. you might develope something better that wat you have.

I’m positive I didn’t do that, because I had a fresh 10,000 budget when I started building Umumir. If it was on the same file then wouldn’t Action Canyon’s budget cut into it?

yeah thats true about the budget. but i mean maby something went wrong when you were saving the map. or maby a glitch in the load/save system may have replaysed your version 2 map with a completly different one.
sorry for not being much help but like i said before you may find your self coming up with new ideas that are better then your old ones.