Where's my Halo Wars 2

I can’t think of another game I have anticipated more. Couple times a month I search halo wars 2 just to see if anything is coming. It’s like Narnia before Santa Clause, always winter never Christmas. I’d like think its just the cloud of a looming new Xbox that its hiding under.

Anyways some cool ideas I guess:

Separate multiplayer from single player. I’m tired of playing the same leader over and over. Let me be the leader. Give me some unlocks and let me build my perks. Give me some goals. Give me some aesthetic creativity with my army. I want decals on my tanks.

New Xbox means new kinect. But what about smart glass? Let me select a warthog and bring up its info on my tablet. Maybe throw some advanced options on there. Maybe some advanced military formations or unit behavior (ie scout, aggressive, defensive, passive). Or my own Serena? She gets stuff done.

Maybe some matchmaking preferences. Like ‘prefers longer games’ or ‘tends not to rush’ or ‘likes covy’ or ‘enjoys long walks on the beach’. Sometimes I want to play a long game but people quit after their rush didn’t work or they lost their scarab. Or their triple Mac blast on my base in the beginning didn’t work. Lame.

I also want a race mini game where you control a warthog in birds eye view simple gas break power slide controls and race against other people. Maybe left stick controls where you point your turret and you fire rockets.

More leaders? we only have 6, 6 different specializations, give me mooaaar

I like these ideas guys the matchmaking preferences are a great idea and I like the idea of your own leader where you can pick what you want to specialize in.

I want to pay for Halo Wars 2 and all my friends do as well. Give me that chance 343!! I want to buy all the extras like maps and themes. Halo Wars 2 will sell!!

Please make a Halo Wars 2 so I can give you my money!!

Also I’m frustrated that’ve purchased the map pack but rarely get to play them. Either include all maps on disc or free dl so everyone has them. Or make a blanket forge map then put the most creative into rotation. Need to make money on dlc? Make the editor cost something or perhaps make a map pack but default it to free later on.

Didn’t Ensemble Studios close down, and we have heard much from Robot Entertainment about a 2nd release.

> Didn’t Ensemble Studios close down, and we have heard much from Robot Entertainment about a 2nd release.

Pretty sure this.

It was Ensemble’s last game (I think) so unless they can get someone else to work with it…no.

I think halo wars 2 should have a create-a-map. Customize terrain set where the bases will be, who they’re for. Mountains water desert, snow. And I think they should let you be the flood and forerunners. Possibly a new race. New units, powers, powers buildings. WE WANT A HALO WARS 2!!!

This game is awesome. They definitely need a halo wars 2. Eight years out and still over 6,000 people still play the online haha

you should add in a pelican base. New characters. Powers and more vehicles.

alot more 3 vs 3 maps and maybe something like 6 player free for all would be cool. Could wait and make it for new xbox, hopefully more multiplayer options on new box and possibly the ability to switch from the halo wars strategic mode to a fps mode while in battle. They either need to make a new halo wars or someone needs to make a cooler strategy war game, these companies must not like strategy gamers.

oh and for sure supplies need to be rolling in about 1.5 times faster when you have 8 upgraded pads…just to speed up the process and slow down the sometimes lengthy build strategies. You know how lame halo wars is when it comes to building up just to head in and have the other guys chain resign. For the love of god take away the resign option, make them have to dashboard it to quit, it might deter some people from waiting for the game to reload. Food for thought.

Halo wars 2 would be a good idea but strategy rst games are usually only good on the PC. I am not saying that I would not get it on Xbox but it would be better on the pc

everyones to afraid to make halo wars 2 :stuck_out_tongue: (maybe that will get them going)

Was so stoked to hear about it becoming REAL!

yea they should make a killer one for the pc