Where's My Flight Test Invite, 343?

I’ve been signed up as a Halo Insider for well over a year now and have participated in almost every PC Flight Test since the one for Halo 3, including the recent one for MCC Season 8. I triple-checked my profile just before the September 13th deadline just to make sure everything was correct and up-to-date (it was). Yet here I am two days into the current Flight Test where invites were “guaranteed”, and I still don’t have one. No email. No message on Waypoint. No code in my Insider profile. Nothing.

This whole affair is beyond infuriating, especially considering the lack of communication. I feel misled and undervalued. I’ve been a loyal player and PC Flight Tester for quite a while now. I’d be lying if getting spurned like this didn’t hurt. Frankly, it’s starting to ruin my anticipation for Infinite’s full-release this December. If I don’t get in to next weekend’s Flight, where you’re giving away an exclusive Nameplate that I SHOULD qualify for, I will be extremely disheartened. The only solace I can take in this situation is that after reading the forums here on Waypoint, unfortunately I now realize I’m not the only one affected by this.

Seriously, get it together 343.