Where's my code?

Hey guys,

I preordered halo wars 2 ultimate edition from the Xbox store under the pretense I’d be able to play definitive edition until the game comes out. There was nothing on the store about needing to wait 7-10 days. I’m super upset because I feel like I’ve been deceived. I was told to go here by Clifford S from Microsoft technical support for my code. My gamertag is PallorAbsentis. Can someone please provide me with a code? Thinking of canceling my pre-order and just getting standard if I cannot play the game I paid for.

I feel you man, I’ve been waiting since the 28th and haven’t gotten my code yet. Hang in there.

It almost makes me want to rebuy halo wars 1 just so I can play. But it also makes me want to cancel my pre order because who does business like this? The fact that I could get the definitive edition was plastered all over the front page of the Xbox store. I feel cheated.

All the info about getting HW: DE codes is on the pre order page for HW2, it states there that codes will take 7 to 10 days to be delivered for early access. All remaining info for pre order codes can be found in the pinned threads in the HW: DE forums