Where's my armor?

I believe you unlock the Mark VI armor for doing legendary solo campaign. I did this and got the achievement - “Lone Wolf Legend” - yet, I do not have the Mark VI armor unlocked. I believe it is because the game says I haven’t finished the mission ‘Forerunners.’ On Waypoint, it says I HAVE finished it. I know I have finished it. Even the mission selection says I have finished it. Just the ‘Commendations’ section of my Spartan Hub says I have NOT finished it. WTF.

Yes, it depends on the commendations section.So you will have to go back and replay some missions in order to get it. It’s stupid I know.

OMG, wtf. Anyways, can it be Co-Op? Is there some checkpoint system that I can check? Maybe it didn’t detect my Legendary difficulty after the last rally point.

I believe the only reward for solo is the achievement, so yeah, co-op it.

Thanks. I would be so mad if I had to do that again solo.