Wheres Guillotine?

Hello everyone, I was just very curious about something. Does anyone know what happened to the map Guillotine? I’ve noticed it doesn’t come up at all in BTB playlists anymore. That’s a real disappointment for me, seeing as that was one of my favorite maps in the playlist for slayer,ctf, strongholds etc. Also because I’m a HUGE halo fan and recognize the map from Halo 2.

I have no idea where it went but I would like it back for sure. Was one of my fav maps in H5. They can take ALTER, that map is just a vehicle junk yard and plays like -Yoink-.

well good news because I just played a match of BTB strongholds, on the map, its been weeks lol. I’m guessing 343i really does listen and brought it back. Thank you!