Where's cross-core?

So we are 2 months into S2 and we haven’t had any mention of cross-core. Where is it? Its unnacceptable at this point that we are having things pile up from all the way back from December and stuff like this isn’t even being mentioned by the staff in posts or other similar methods of communication.

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Crosscore was mentioned briefly in the last major “Q&A”, it wasn’t elaborated on nor was any timeframe stated in favor of other features/fixes/updates that were given timeframes.

Where is it? Probably in development or the back burner until we hear something more substantial about it in the future.

It’s probably best to assume we won’t hear anything more about it until we do.

Probably coming Season 4 in 18 months. If 343 isn’t talking about it, it’s probably in the same boat as desync. I’m not playing any battle passes, events, or fractures, until there is evidence it is even coming, and I don’t mean Coming Soon™

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Cross core is not coming anytime soon. So try to calm down and not get upset. Also, just a fair warning, they did not say that every single cosmetic was going to be Cross core. They just said they would start with visors, coatings and certain attachments first and that the specific “Cannon Cores” will be Cross Core once they finally release them. Jerry Hook said in the Live stream that Fracture Cores like Yoroi, Eagle Strike etc, will remain limited to their respected cores because of each core’s structural limitations.

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All future cores, both canon, and fracture, haven’t even begun production yet, so to continue this ideology, it would mean 343 is intentionally restricting future cross-core potential, with this as an excuse to not make all future content cross-core compatible from the drawing board

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Bingo. They want to toss us a bone, that bone being a Cross Core, but the sacrifice we all have to face because of it is Fracture Events will still contain separate Fracture Cores.

If you watch the Livestream where they talked about all of this, Unyshek and Jerry were discussing that Cannon cores would be Cross core(whenever they start releasing them) and that Fracture Cores would remain their own thing.

In other words, $0.00 will be spent on all fracture cores, because I’m not a core collector, and I don’t care about stuff I can’t wear on my cross-core spartan


The only good thing about the Fracture Cores, is the Fracture Events that introduce them usually have some free cosmetics for it already. But all the juicy stuff (for both Cross core and Fracture Cores) will undoubtedly be pushed into the store.

Fair warning, its possible to already do cross-core and this is another ocassion of 343 stalling stuff for later. Because why wouldnt they.

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https://youtu .be/NGzTRW80m9E?t=3060 Link should be time-stamped at 51:00 for his exact words surrounding cores, just delete the space.

Well, according to 343, they can’t do cross core right now because their UI isn’t designed for it… but we all know this UI choice was a conscious decision made by the team before launch, most likely to push higher sales numbers in the store. Either that or they were just blatantly lying about the UI… the truth will never be known anyways.

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I hope one of the “several blogs” slated for release this month (I believe Haruspis tweeted we’d be getting multiple) touches on this.

The community stream for S2 launch left a lot of us with the impression that core locks were going to start going away with the Drop Pods this season.

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