Where's assault & oddball

we had assault for only 3 months now it’s gone where’d it go also why isn’t oddball a game type and king of the hill and juggernaut and also would like to see objectives in free for all like oddball an king of the hill

Assault uses a base-core gametype that uses a default UNSC Ball/Bomb object. As a matter of fact, there’s enough built-in settings that it covers creating Grifball, Oddball, Assault, AND Ricochet.

Id love to see a ball-only playlist that incorporates the latter 3 gametypes since Grifball already has it’s own. I miss Ricochet :frowning:

Tbh they’ll add it in Action Sack.

I’d like to see a social objective playlist with assault, CTF, strongholds, oddball and Riccochet. KOTH would be amazing too but isn’t currently possible.