Where Will Spartn Ops Season 2 Take Place?

I would love to see another season of SO. The only problem is, where will it take place? Now that Requiem is destroyed, I can’t think of where the next season will be happening at. Where do you think SO season 2 will take place at?

Sangheilios maybe?
Season 2 wouldn’t necessarily have to take place at a singular planet, like Requiem. The main plot could be the Infinity chasing after Jul’s fleet.

the same thing was said with the first halo. it left us with a cliff hanger and the main world in the game was destroyed.

no doubt there will be a second season. its just wherever 343 sweeps us off to in the missions of crimson

It can take place on: The Infinity, All the Halo installations left, Covenant planets, Earth and Forerunner installations (the ones that the Key reveals).

I would personally love to see Covenant planets at this point, that’s pretty much the only way SO Season 2 can have a different looking scenario.