Where were you when they added battle royal?

Battle royal is going to be in halo infinite, its literally on their website. You just have to go their and set your geo-location to japan google translate then scroll down to additional information. They dont even have the brass balls to post this on US version.

Here is a link to their own website if you don’t believe me 『Halo Infinite』: Xbox Game Pass で提供中 | Xbox

Where on there does it mention Battle Royale?


Hmm, does the Japanese audience categorize games differently than the US? They may just group all battle royal and shooter games into the same genre. I’m no expert. I do suspect that BR will be in the game, but not sure if this is solid confirmation.

The genre is listed as ‘Battle Royal Shooting.’ It seems like a poor translation to me. 343 have said we can make a Battle Royale if we so choose but it won’t be in otherwise.