Where was the Chief and Lock trailers in the game?

Neither of these two moments happened in Halo 5.

Locke Ad
Chief Ad

So does this mean they both of them didn’t happen because at 0:16 on the Locke ad you can see the Infinity burning up, that never happened in Halo 5 which leads me to believe that maybe it is from Halo 6 but Locke and Chief are friends now so that event couldn’t happen. The trailer says Hunt the Truth but when nothing is true in these trailers it makes me think that they were just a marketing stunt from 343 to speculate the Master Chief getting killed by Locke or vise-versa!

It’s an advertisement meant to be symbolic of the plot. That doesn’t mean it actually happened.

None of the live action trailers happened in the game (also, the whole cloak thing didn’t happen either!?)

Although I loved the game, I was thoughaly dissapointed that what we saw didn’t happen…