Where Warzone Needs to Improve

Since Halo 5’s launch I have been playing the heck out of Warzone for two reasons, one because of the issues with Arena which I’ll discuss in another post, and two because I love Warzone. I remember when it was first announced 343 said it would be a more casual style gamemode with little competition. This can’t be further from the truth and I love it. I feel more competition in Warzone than I have in any other gamemode, I’ve had warzone matches end with 999 to 1000, it is epic. Warzone is however not without flaw, not at all and with this post i hope to address some of these flaws with a few simple but practical fixes that I feel must be implemented.

1: Add more maps…I know this one has been mentioned by alot in the halo community so I wont go on forever about it, all I’ll say is after 3 maps it gets very boring and I just go play a different game. Also there being only three maps I get alot of times where I’ll end up playing Raid on Apex 7 3 times in a row, which makes me inclined to quit as i feel it does to many others, which brings me to my next point.

2: Take out penalties for quitting in Warzone. There’s join in progress in this gamemode so I really see no reason for the penalty, granted people shouldn’t be given REQ points unless they complete a match but considering some Warzone matches can go on for 30 minutes sometimes people can’t stick around, something comes up, plus when you get the same map 3 or 4 times in a row, well it’s not fun then.

3: Lightrifle 5 REQ points really?.. This not only applies to the light rifle but all the non UNSC weapons that are more basic weaponry, like the boltshot, carbine, lightrifle. Why are these (especially the carbine) like 4 REQs? The lightrifle I understand being fairly high as it is powerfull but I don’t think it should be 5 REQs, especially considering the fact that you can call in a scorpion or banshee for 6 REQs. I’d say put the storm rifle and carbine at 1 REQ, the lightrifle at 4 (also give it maybe one extra magazine)

4: Last shot boss kills…another one commonly mentioned. We all know that feeling when we’ve emptied are spartan laser on the Warden and all the sudden one DMR shot from the other team takes it out. I really feel like it should be changed to the team that does the most damage to the last fourth of the bosses health gets the points but I could see why this could be controversial. I think an alternate solution could be that if one team does a signifigant amount of damage at the end of the boss’s life they should get half the points.

5: Don’t change what isn’t broken…I realize this may be hypocritical because some may think what I want changed isn’t broken, but what I mean are don’t change things like time, DO NOT ADD A TIME LIMIT TO REGULAR WARZONE. I’ve seen this in so many other games where they’ll have a great gamemode that can go on for a long time but they add a time limit of like 20 minutes and it takes all the fun out of it.

Well that’s all the suggestions I have, if you have any ideas please leave them in the comments. Also 343 good job on the new REQs you’ve been coming out with, really like it.