Where to go with proof of cheaters?

So I’ve never played against anyone cheating in Halo before. I thought xbox was fairly secure… But like the title says, I have videos of people using some sort of aim hack. They’re on my fileshare, and I reported them on XBL. This is a 1 out of 150 something game incident, so I’m not complaining. It was just really easy/quick to save video in theater, and I was just thinking 343 would find it useful to prevent this in the future.

Just videos of 4 friends in the same game of infinity slayer, shooting BR’s and shotguns next to people, the reticle turns red, the bullets just go out of the side of the gun towards the head. They were experimenting with different weapons to see which would kill the fastest/shoot the fastest.

For the sake of conversation. Anyone seen any of the XBL hack sites saying anything about this? Heard of friends doing it? Had it happen to you?

I actually kind of want to see them do this with the laser. I got railgunned by them, when I saw it charging up I started laughing. My friends were just entertained by it at the end of the game.

Can I see the vid?

Probably more terrible lag.

If it was the real deal, which I highly doubt, XBOX will have their -Yoink- soon enough.

Even though you saw the guys in Halo4 it isn’t 343i’s business what happens to them. That is a Microsoft problem. It is their jurisdiction to find and weed out actual cheaters.

Still, I doubt you saw a legitimate aimbot on an XBOX360. Those things are detected ridiculously fast.

Are you sure it was an aim bot not lag or the terrible kill cams?

They’re on my fileshare gamertag -> xJoo Unitx
I’m not sure when they are enabling the fileshare for off of the xbox. Who knows, they might already be banned then if xbox acts that fast.

What sucks is I didn’t take the time to figure out if I could get the recording from first person, but I picked some obvious cases to get clips of, and I wanted a clip of each player doing it. It’s still pretty clear that they’re not aiming at us and are getting headshot kills.

And definitely not lag, because it was every kill, that was why it was so easy to find clips for the videos. Also we weren’t having an issue with latency and aiming/hitting them on our side. We would win all of the 2v1’s but if we missed any shotsin a 1v1, we would die. Even in most 2v1’s they would get at least 1 kill because they didn’t miss a shot.

No one? Remember bungie and the ban hammer? Why is this NOT 343’s problem?