Where to go for Halo Roleplay?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been a long time Halo fan since Halo CE on the original Xbox. Throughout the years I got a strong interest in the fiction and wanting to create my own little slice of it. Since then I have Roleplayed on various different mediums before taking a break. So having got the desire again now I was wondering if and where I should look to do text based Halo roleplay? Any links and pointers would be great!


You may have better luck in the halo 5 forum or the halo universe forum.

Message me on xbl. I might have an opportunity for you.

Ya you should have put this in the general discussion.

Role Playing is generally in the Community Creations forums - we try and discourage it from GD or Halo 5 because it has the tendency to be overrun with spam from those that don’t understand what’s going on. There may be an active thread already that you can join there