Where to get H.R. Anniversary Slayer Gametypes?

Back in the day I used to exclusively play the Halo Reach game type “Anniversary Slayer”. It was a game type that came out when Halo CE got remastered. I LOVED this game type and I wanna play it using the custom game browser! I have tried looking for downloads for it (im on PC) to no avail. I have even tried using third-party game type editors, while this option did work i was not able to play this game type in the custom browser as it gets flagged by Easy Cheat and i get kicked from the game.

Does anyone have this/these game types? (CTF, KoTH, Territories, Oddball), if so PLEASE add me so i can scoop them from you.

that was halo reach at its best aside from invasion. i miss when it was in matchmaking i wish they would re add it. they really need to fix the matchmaking team balancing as well. a veto and party up feature like halo 3 had would be great too

For real! I liked all the playlists, but nothing slapped harder than the Anniversary Playlist. I just wanna host Anniversary Slayer games on the custom game browser :L

Try “M3mphis88”'s fileshare, They seem to have most of the Anniversary gamemodes.
Not sure if they’re the official ones…

Go to your player card in the top right and go to find player.

Thank you!!

No prop :sunglasses:

I just wish they rebalanced all the weapons to be like CE’s, including that sweet 60 round AR.