Where to find forge maps?

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Where can forge maps from other creators be downloaded?


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I’m not sure where you can find a list of popular maps, but you can go to your friends and recent players and see maps and game variants that they own.

Yeah I realize there is no file browser, so I assume they want us to “add” the person as a friend who made the map to get them, because unlike 360, the Xbone works like following someone instead of sending a friend request, so they can be on your friends list without knowing you exist, though it would be nice to be able to type in something like “duck hunt” or “speed halo” and find those maps we want, but until then, I’m sticking here to see if there are any further developments.


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> http://www.forgehub.com/

But being able to search and download from the console, in game, plus there are some creations people won’t place on there right?

That’s what I meant. Halo 5 should have a file browser to search and download maps… Maybe additional via halowaypoint.com.