Where the heck is my ODST??

I first want to begin by saying I absolutely love halo and the reason why I even got a Xbox One was because of the MCC. I first played the game 6 days after the 19th, and for the next month there were many problems I faced in the matchmaking servers, and don’t get me wrong they have improved but there are still many issues I have to deal with. So 343 where Is my ODST for dealing with this crap, cause I’m pretty positive I deserve it too!!

Entitlement much.

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> Entitlement much.

Feels like it

They are still developing it

ya still making it
they should remaster Halo Reach

Yes, you dealt with a lot of problems in matchmaking, but nowhere near the issues present at launch. A lot was fixed before you got the game at Christmas.

“Pretty positive you deserve” and actually deserve are two very different things…