Where is Urban in WZA???

As the Title says… where is Urban in Warzone Assault? Is it pulled out of Rotation? Since Friday Iam playing Warzone Assault to get as many Req points as I can for the Armory Package. And not a single Time in this 3 Days the Urban Map appeared in the Rotation… not a SINGLE Time! Anybody had the same Experience in WZA?

Ohh I am in the EU by the Way… So can it be a Serverproblem or anything?

Greetz, CRUX

I’m from the UK and have also noticed this. Not a single time through a multiple day period have I played on the map.

I guess it has been take out temporarily to change/balance the map since there are some issues that players have with the map itself.

> We’ve been meeting with the Warzone team throughout the day today, and the multiplayer team has decided to temporarily remove Warzone Assault on Urban from the matchmaking rotation while we evaluate and make improvements to the experience. As always, thanks for the feedback.

I just noticed this when you said it. I have been on all weekend and it has been m.i.a. As the above post notes they are making improvements I wonder what will be changed

basically some companies thought it would be a good idea to spawn trap so hard by constantly throwing nades from a gungoose. they knew exactly where they would spawn and made it impossible for the enemy team to move a single step before dying again. thanks for ruining the game for people.

In a game and gametype barren of content, taking one of four maps out seems like a good idea.

Warzone is pretty much Snorezone at this point.