Where is the SWAT game type?

I have looked all through the multi-player menus and can’t find SWAT anywhere, does anyone know how to choose the SWAT game type?

Not in Matchmaking yet. It’s in customs.

It’s not in custom game either, I have looked through everything.

It’s a slayer variant.

Oh gotcha. Well this sucks, I wanted to play SWAT matchmaking. It’s the only game type I like in Halo. Any idea how long until they add it to the main matchmaking?

Probably in the 1st TU which is supposedly in January.

I know how you feel man, none of my favorites are in MM at launch. I’ll be sticking to BtB and dominion for time being though. And once I get the game I’ll probably do some swat customs.

JANUARY?! Wow… Well I guess I can play Black Ops 2 until then… :confused: