Where is the motivation?

The only reason I came back for Halo was for swat. I get that not many people enjoy it but none the less, I was disappointed it wasn’t out with release. Now that it is out, I came back and was enjoying myself until I realized that nothing I did in the game mattered. It was then I learned that XP is only granted by completing ridiculous challenges for modes I have no intention on playing. And getting a measly 50xp per game, after a handful of matches, is quite the kick in the crotch for fans of the series.
Does 343 not care to reward their players for their efforts? Are they too money hungry? how is it, that this game has been in development for so long and the developers cannot figure out how to add more ways to gain XP, such as kills or objectives like they have in the past?
Again sorely disappointed, maybe I’ll come back to multiplayer when the game is actually finished.

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