Where is the love & how can we bring it back?

G’day everyone, I want to ask you all 3 questions:

  1. How do you feel about 343 currently, and how do you think they feel about you?

  2. How do you feel about Halo currently - Halo Infinite being at the forefront - and how do you feel about the Halo community currently too?

  3. Do you feel that there is a lack of love in the Halo community - directly from 343, then it’s community - if so, why?

Any comments that promote: negativity, hatred, condensation, discrimination and are counterproductive - will be flagged and called forward by me

There is far too much hatred, anger and negativity in the world & I want to do what I can to bring it back to something that we have and have always loved, Halo

After you have answered - or struggle to have answered - the first 3 questions, I would like to ask these final ones:

  1. What do you love about Halo? / What are you grateful for about Halo?

  2. What do you love about 343? / What are you grateful for about 343?

Looking forward to reading what you all have to say, as each and every one of you are capable of bringing value to the table; your individual perspectives and insights are all valuable :slight_smile:

Why I created this thread & my background:

I have a background in Personal Development, as well as my own active Halo Community

I love Halo dearly & all I want to see is for it to continue to succeed tremendously; to continue making people’s lives that little bit better

I wouldn’t be who I am if it wasn’t for Halo and it’s community & I know a lot of you feel the same way too

I have tried time and time again to help create change for Halo 5 & then Halo Infinite, as I have and continue to see the greater potential for both of these games (given that both have already been successful in their own right)

This is the best way that I can create change, as this is something I feel has lacked for both 343 & the community; in the build up and release of Halo Infinite. In my personal opinion, 343 has seen ‘a majority’ of it’s community to be toxic and counter-productive; meaning that there is input they may tend to miss

I understand there are many different dynamics when it comes to business - especially large scale corporations - but the lack of love (from both 343 and it’s community in return) has done nothing to improve the game holistically, and I feel like the current results of the game speak for themselves (Halo Infinite’s population on release day, compared to now)

I have seen quite the improvement and would like to commend 343 for continuing to work as hard as they have been to get Halo Infinite back up to speed; this most recent update especially, what a lovely surprise for the community

The reason I bring forward this thread now is that we still have until March to build back momentum; together. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about Halo and it’s population, it’s not to take it for granted

Thank you for taking the time to read what I had to say, I really appreciate it

Take care and again, looking forward to hearing your insight and perspectives :slight_smile:


Where is the luv arbiter


Where is the luv arbiter

Any comments that … are counterproductive - will be … called forward by me

In my personal opinion, 343 has seen ‘a majority’ of it’s community to be toxic and counter-productive; meaning that there is input they may tend to miss

For everyone: the intention behind this thread was to create some honest and sincere dialogue from the community

Looking back now, I feel that if this thread was created a few months back, it may have created some more dialogue. Like I said:

I have seen quite the improvement and would like to commend 343 for continuing to work as hard as they have been to get Halo Infinite back up to speed; this most recent update especially, what a lovely surprise for the community

I will acknowledge and say that I feel that there is still love arbiter, otherwise we wouldn’t of had this recent update with the Customs Browser surprise; including the hard work to get Halo Infinite back up to speed

it’s just a matter of where there has been a lack of love or where they can continue to improve; perhaps some blindspots they may not see

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i very much dislike this 343, i dont think they would care much for me. infinite is incomplete, boring, and not fun. i think the community gives infinite too much credit. i think 343 love halo but still struggle to make it. what i love about halo is just how cool everything is, the spartans, the covenant, flood, prometheans, the weapons and vehicles, the levels, just all of it. what i love about 343 is they wanted halo to look and feel more futuristic more than it already was, i can appreciate that but they ended up changing alot of things.


The problem is 343 came in and instead of making a good Halo game they said “How can we make Halo ours?”

Part of this is from having Halo span multiple mediums i.e. books, games, shows. I don’t think any franchise should span multiple mediums unless it is painstakingly combed over to be incredibly consistent. If each meduim is not kept in line then you get fans who are fans of “the same thing” when in reality you have 2+ groups of fans who have comepletly different opinions that can not both be satisfied.

Halo 4 Chief and Cortana are completely different people from their Halo 3 counterparts. They are the “book Chief and Cortana” from what i have heard (i don’t read much because i just don’t enjoy it and on top of that don’t trust the books to be perfectly in like with the games). This along with the Didact being the worst villan in gaming, the changing of Chief from the best humanity had to offer into someone who was just the culmination of the Forerunners plan, Del Rio making decisions no normal person would actually make just to add tension, other spartans not wearing their helmets in combat, the objectively terrible redsign of the Covenant, the not fun to fight prometheans, the drastic change to an overdesigned art style that doesn’t fit Halo, the multiplayer made Halo not an arena shooter, etc.

I could keep listing problems with Halo 4 but you see my point. It was basically the opposite of what previous titles were. Its only redeeming properties were the good graphics, good multiplayer maps, and that odd ball was the best its ever been in Halo 4.

Halo 4 was carried by the success of Halo 3 (i would argue Reach was too but to a lesser degree).

Halo 5 suffered from 4 being so bad. It had to keep the poor enemy designs and story points. They did change the multiplayer but similar to COD, advanced movement just doesn’t work in Halo. Honestly i feel bad for Halo 5 fans because if the game had been a new IP like Titanfall its movement mechanics might still be around. Unfortunately like COD’s advanced movement it was phased out.

Halo 5 also for some reason just had really bad multiplayer maps and having so many made in forge made them feel cheap. Forge should be a community tool while the devs use stronger tools to make maps that look handcrafted.

Now to Halo Infinite. Infinite is by far 343s best Halo game and is the best we can expect outside of 343 retconing all of H4 and H5.

Infinite feels and looks like the sequel to Halo 3 i have been waiting for. It has its problems like not having a single armor unlock tied to a difficult unchanging challenge similar to the Vidmasters from Halo 3. Having all the armor be a time grind or paid for doesn’t allow for any skill to be shown off. This is just a part of the “Participation Ribbon” mentality that afflicts so much of society today so i can’t be too mad but when i see games like Elden Ring succeed like crazy when they don’t give out any items just for participation and it all comes from skill i can’t help but be irritated further.

Infinite also struggles from having terrible default controls but as soon as i found my set up the game feels buttery smooth. It also has too many easy counters to vehicles and maps designed to weaken vehicles by forcing them into thin and predictable routes.

Best part of Infinite is that the AR finally outkills the BR at close range. This pulled the BR into the meta instead of letting it sit on top and is more true to the Halo CE sandbox design philosophy than CE itself was able to pull off. The utility weapon was never supposed to be a part of Halo and in CE it existed due to a lone dev buffing the magnum in secret right before launch and in Halo 2 it was made because the SMG, needing to be dual wielded to be decent, went counter to the combat triangle (guns-grenades-melee) since you couldn’t melee or throw grenades while dual wielding which made the SMG a terrible primary. The only other option was the BR in H2 and ever since then we have been stuck with the utility weapon in each Halo game. Infinite finally righted the ship and gave each weapon in the sanbox a good usecase.

Pre Halo Infinite i had no faith that 343 could make a good Halo game. Now i have faith in them to some extent but definitely don’t think Infinite is perfect. As far as multiplayer goes its definitely the best feeling to date.


@FeudalPhoenix10 thank you for your response, really appreciate you being honest, sincere and constructive in your criticism. It is much appreciated homie :slight_smile:

@The_Cool_Spoon I appreciate the sentiment and I agree with some of the points you have brought forward, but I just wanted to call you forward and say that you haven’t answered some of the questions I have listed directly

Those being:

1. How do you feel about 343 currently, and how do you think they feel about you?

  1. Do you feel that there is a lack of love in the Halo community - directly from 343, then it’s community - if so, why?

  2. What do you love about Halo? / What are you grateful for about Halo?

  3. What do you love about 343? / What are you grateful for about 343?

Reason why I call this forward, is that I feel like you went a little off topic in your tangents/criticisms about Halo 4 & 5 - missing the initial point of the thread - but then brought it back in your last paragraphs / conclusion

Just to keep things as simple as possible*

Either way, thank you for providing your perspective and feedback. It is appreciated & I can see where you are coming from :slight_smile:

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I only put in the effort to detail the problems with Halo 4 and 5 to show why i had no faith in 343. I would say those 2 games hurt Halo’s identity and notoriety.

Answer to 3:
CE is my all time favorite game. The air of mystery it had has not been marched by any following game. That is mainly due to story structure because at some point you have to dig deeper and can’t keep things hidden forever.

Answer to 4 and 2:
I don’t really “love” 343. During Halo 4’s and Halo 5’s lifetime i would say i hated 343’s vision for Halo. It tarnished it and has now made separate sets of fans. Each set thinks Halo should be a certain way but that way it should be is the complete opposite of the other set of fans. This is why Halo 4 and Halo 5 should have been closer to Halo 3 than they are.

I will say Halo 4 and Halo 5 fans do come in with too much arrogance (maybe not the best wording here but i can’t think of anything else at the moment). They expected Halo Infinite to be like those games. But Halo was dying due to Halo 4 and 5. I have a theory that i think pans out in most series to prove this. The game before the game with the highest sales in a series is usually the best game. The game after the best game has better sales due to the reputation of the best game. Then the 2nd game after the best game begins to drop in sales due to the first game after the best game being bad.

Halo 4 lived off Halo 3 and Halo Reach’s success. That’s why it still sold well. Halo 5 didn’t have that benefit and it suffered a worse fate in terms of sales/notoriety. I do think Halo 4 and Halo 5 fans really need to get over how they feel Halo should be and accept Infinite more positively because it is much closer to what Halo used to be than 4 or 5 was.

I used to love Kirby games. My favorites being Kirby Air Rider and especially the Amazing Mirror. Recently i got a Kirby game for my switch and hated it. Upon looking it up The Amazing Mirror is a radically different Kirby game than the rest. I don’t go around saying all Kirby games should be like it because i know thats not how a “Kirby game should play”.

I feel 343 pushed many fans away with Halo 4 and 5, then made new fans of those games, then to get the older Halo fans back they sold Infinite as a return to normalcy and i think they did pretty well technical isssues aside. Now Halo 4 and especially Halo 5 fans feel cheated and hate the game more than they should. 343 seemed to like the idea of Halo more than they actually liked Halo and wanted it to be something that it wasn’t. Infinite was a righting of the ship but alas many older fans couldn’t get past the technical issues and thus Infinite lost a lot of steam.

I think the Halo fan base is very cautiously optimistic about the future of Halo. So there is still love but no trust in 343 to be able to handle Halo. We will be happy if it they succeed but if they don’t its not really a surprise.

I would say it felt like 343 had a disdain for what Bungie did with Halo and tried to do their own thing and that really hurt Halos reputation. Now it seems they are struggling to keep Halo Infinite afloat but i do applaud their efforts and i thoroughly enjoy Infinite.

*I know i already talked about Halo 4 and 5 but this time the focus was more on the fan reaction than the games, i don’t want to just keep trashing on them as both games had enjoyable MP but its just not what i wanted out of a mainline Halo game. That said i think most of Halo’s problems stem from 343s original vision for Halo that was in 4 and 5 and then the sharp turn back towards what Halo was in Infinite.


Sorry for the long comments. I would have answered more of you questions in one post but figured it would be way too long for just one post.

I like to explain my positions before i give my conclusion as i have realized people tend to see how i came to my conclusions and don’t immediately attack my positions.

You managed to include many deep issues in one thread and since i love talking about Halo i might write more than the average person cares to read.

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Not a problem homie, thank you for clarifying and following up

Can completely understand, nothing wrong with being passionate about something; especially Halo in the case haha, I completely feel the same way

Really appreciate your final acknowledgements too homie. Thanks again, and appreciate your responses :slight_smile:


I really want this game to succeed, but what’s ruining my enjoyment is the fact that I can’t get armor the old fashioned way cause of mtx. I don’t trust fully 343 yet until they fix the FOMO problem cause it’s still there and I’m not gonna spend another dime at all after S3. I’ll wait for mod support for xbox so that I can experience community creations.


Thank you very much @FeudalPhoenix10 @The_Cool_Spoon & @MasterChief4234 :slight_smile:

I was waiting to see if there was any further traction, now I would like to share my answers to get the ball rolling again

How do you feel about 343 currently, and how do you think they feel about you?

I feel that 343 have only recently started to see the importance of maintaining it’s relationship and connection with it’s community

I feel like they have seen a portion of it’s community as a burden, rather than understanding the reasoning behind (a majority) of it’s past criticisms

How do you feel about Halo currently - Halo Infinite being at the forefront - and how do you feel about the Halo community currently too?

I feel that there is still a lack of balance between Halo Infinite’s Social and Competitive aspect. The Social playlists that have been created, haven’t seen true consolidation on what the multiplayer population would consistently enjoy

I also feel like the community has grown jaded, and have lost interest due to past missed opportunities for open, honest and sincere communication

I feel like in return a majority of the community are far more counter productive - toward 343 and it’s community - in collectively looking to better the game holistically, so that everyone may enjoy it better

Do you feel that there is a lack of love in the Halo community - directly from 343, then it’s community - if so, why?

Yes and no. I feel that building up to the release of Infinite, there was a lack of empathy toward how the community would feel - corporate PR may have provided limitations - and so it has created a disconnect

There are points I have stated in 1. & 2. that relate to this, as I feel like both 343 and the community haven’t done their part to amend that relationship. Points referring to this are:

  • no communication / compensation for the game releasing without Forge, not openly addressing in response to the large portion of the community made polls asking for the game to be delayed
  • creating a “that’s bait” forum reaction, directed at forum ‘trolls’ / ‘toxic’ posts

Another point I would like to address is this:

Unyshek being the community manager, and his initial implication of emoji’s in the Halo Discord

In my personal opinion, if your direction and intention was specifically toward the community, you would have a large portion of Halo emojis - if not all - in the Halo Discord, rather than emojis of your own face & other community managers faces*

What do you love about Halo? / What are you grateful for about Halo?

I love that Halo has provided me a place to wind down, and enjoy recreational gameplay. I am also very grateful for the many friends and connections it has provided me, as I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for Halo

I also love the Halo story, to never give up without ‘Finishing the Fight’

What do you love about 343? / What are you grateful for about 343?

I love how 343 have done and continued to do what they can, to keep Halo alive and have it to continue to be a part of all our lives

I am very grateful that 343 have seen the importance of it’s community, and that all we want is to continue to see this game succeed

I appreciate and am VERY grateful for the hard work that everyone at 343 (including Unyshek) has continued to put into the game so that it may succeed; especially with the limitations that they faced with having to work from home and having limited numbers on their team

Thank you to everyone for continuing to work hard on the things that you love; 343 and the community. I have been feeling the love far more recently, but I feel that a great relationship should never be taken for granted

Much love everyone, looking forward to reading more your perspectives and responses <3


A couple more reasons i am very cautiously optimistic about Halo’s future.

Along with 4 being basically the antithesis of what Halo was up to that point, during the Halo 5 Hunt the Truth campaign fans were significantly mislead. It was a great well made series but it implied things that just did not happen in Halo 5.

Halo Infinite comes around and they promise more customization than ever along with no FOMO. Well FOMO either in events or in the store seems to be the main driver for their cosmetics.

All that said i do really enjoy Infinite and would enjoy it more if the BTB maps would be more open and vehicle health was significantly buffed while nerfing their damage a bit to make them more viable. Right now entering a vehicle is basically a death sentence unless you get a scorpion and play it super safe. Vehicles can’t make pushes like they used to and thats due to low health and maps that force them into tight predictable corridors while giving players cover and way too many easy ways to counter vehicles.

I think fans really want to love Halo like they used to but its just hard when it feels like we weren’t listened to for so long. I would say most Halo fans did not care too much for Halo 4 or 5 and then didn’t want Infinite to be FTP because of all the negatives that come with it. 343 and Microsoft righted the ship on the gameplay and visual side but now the monetization is jacked up.


I think the community’s love for Halo is it’s greatest strength and is what has kept this franchise alive despite hard times. But to answer your questions:

1a. It’s very difficult to assess how 343i has been handling Infinite without a strong understanding of how game development works, as both an art and an industry. Clearly compared to other games, Infinite’s first year was an embarrassment that made 343i look like the most incompetent prominent studio out there. I was someone who was open to management shakeups at 343i, as well as even at times interested in seeing the franchise go to another studio. However, Infinite does exemplify that 343i does understand Halo a lot better than they did in their past two installment; Infinite’s campaign was a super fun time, and the multiplayer is a great start for a modernized Halo that stays true to its roots. Forge is genuinely one of the most impressive things I’ve seen in a video game, and now that 343i is getting moving again and listening to the community, my faith is slowly becoming restored. There is undoubtably amazing talent at 343i with a deep love for Halo, but management really needs to improve to harness that talent and get good content out at a reasonable pace.

1b. Throughout 343i’s tenure, I’ve felt they’ve taken the community for granted a lot of the times. They never listened to reasonable feedback or acted accordingly on it when they were finally responsive. There was no consistency between their three titles, and each one seemed to be an uphill battle against them to make a better Halo game, often correcting design issues that should have never existed in the first place if they only listened. That’s not to say they’ve never done right by the community, but everything they have put out seems to need to be corrected, MCC and Infinite being the biggest examples of that. I feel they are about to turn a new leaf on this issue though, and since they’re likely going to be stuck with Infinite as a platform for a while, I think it’s a solid base that will only improve over time.

2a. I’m cautiously optimistic about Halo’s future as of now. This past year has been rough, as anyone will tell you, and 343i did not deliver the game Infinite needed to be to revive the franchise after a decade of decline. From the E3 2021 reveal through the flights and additional campaign reveals, the love and support was very much there, but 343i has since lost that good will by releasing an incomplete live service game that is still not in an ideal place after 13 months. However, the Winter Update and communication from 343i has been great these past couple months; Season 3 looks like it’s in a good state, the period of delay after delay seems to be a thing of the past, and we’re finally getting features earlier than expected (even if only 90% finished) like Custom Game Browser. 2023 is not going to be a perfect year for Infinite, and there’s going to be a lot of catching up to do, but I have faith that it will be able to deliver a lot more than the community is expecting a lot more consistently.

2b. The Halo community is pretty barebones at the moment, and despite recent gains made by Infinite, I don’t think many are coming back. There isn’t a lot of excitement or faith around the game anymore, and it will take a big release/content update to really draw in a large crowd again… so long as the game has a solid base of content to hold people beyond that. While not leaders of the community, I feel the influencers/content creators that help generate a lot of excitement around the games and pull people in are losing interest and expanding outwards into other material; Halo isn’t the beast of a franchise it used to be and not enough is coming out regularly to sustain popularity. However, on the more optimistic side, what the community is pumping out in Forge and the mod scene for PC is excellent. Hopefully mod support for console on MCC comes out in the future. But ultimately, the negativity and disinterest in the community didn’t come from no where, and it’s on 343i to bring that all back.

  1. I think the lack of love from the community can be explained by the points above; they don’t listen, have put out flawed and incomplete projects, have struggled understanding Halo’s identity in the past and present, and over a decade have showed barely improvement on this front. The community is tired of losing, and is growing ever more nostalgic for the Bungie era. I think there is an underserved amount of hate coming from some corners of the community, but I also don’t think love should be an expectation after how the franchise has been handled by 343i.

  2. If I don’t stop myself I could write a whole essay on what I love about Halo. To try to put it shortly, Halo always felt special. The story had a unique blend of drama and humor that came from a very personal relationship Bungie had with their franchise, which also extended into everything they tried to provide in their multiplayer experience. It’s a very social experience where at its peak has been a cornerstone of what has made Halo special. Also, the games are just fun. Great sandboxes with interesting enemies to fight, with a rich universe to support the stories that take place in them. It’s not because it’s competitive, it’s not because it’s some super serious and deep science fiction universe, and it’s certainly not because it keeps up with trends. Halo is all about fun and community, and that should reverberate through all facets of a proper Halo game.

  3. As I’ve said, 343i has super talented devs that despite going through a year of hell have kept their heads up and are delivering the content we’ve been wanting for a while. Their dedication and commitment should be celebrated, but not make them immune to criticism when they get things wrong. Infinite shows they can make a top tier Halo game when they trust in its core formula and pillars of game design, and I hope they continue investing in what makes Halo Halo.

I must disclose, I haven’t kept up with 343 too much but I currently feel conflicted, or confused. I’m sure all the workers at 343 do care about the community and tried their best to procure a good Halo game, but mismanagement seemed to take a toll on their efforts, hurting their reputation. There’s plenty of criticism on Halo 4, MCC 5, and Infinite, and I don’t want to go on a tangent, but it just hurts to see similar mistakes from previous installments being repeated.

With Halo Infinite I have mixed feelings. With the addition of custom games, there was an abundant amount of new and unique content. While I still prefer to play the main playlists, particularly BTB and quick play, I still enjoyed playing the custom games from time to time. However, I could care less about the progression system. Regarding the community, I can’t say much as I haven’t been too active with it. Nonetheless, from what I do know, I think the community isn’t as volatile as before. They’re still dissatisfied with 343, but there’s nothing much they can do at the moment.

I do think 343 wants to love the community, they are pretty transparent with their thoughts, but their actions don’t always reflect the same love. This leads to some of the community showing little appreciation for some of the additions 343 does include. I can’t blame the community for not loving 343, but I do think we could be more constructive and empathetic. However, I do think the community has a lot of love for Halo.

I never was really into Star Wars, but Halo stood out to me because of its militaristic essence mixed with Sci-fi. The franchise was just something that surrounded me as a kid, and it brings back a lot of good feelings.

I admire how 343 keeps trying upload new content despite experiencing much adversity. From adding the sentinel beam, and halo reach grenade launcher in Halo 5, or continuing to publish content for HI despite the harsh feedback.

I feel betrayed by 343. I have very little respect left for the company.

I can’t relate to the community who are still interested in Infinite. And there isn’t really much else people are talking about atm. And the negativity surrounding the franchise affects how people interact with each other.

My own investment in Halo is at an all time low.
I only care about the story at this point because the mp is beyond fixing in my opinion.
Even the story isn’t as exciting to me anymore after the whole Cortana arc that I don’t like.
Plus new story pieces don’t come very ofter.

  1. I think its better now when Bonnie left, but not good enough, not buy a longshot.

  2. Im stil missing lots of features that where in old games. The gameplay is actually sluggish now.
    All my friends stopped playing the game in the beginning of season 2 and I dont think they will come back.
    They should ditch Halo Infinite, its just boring and it feels dead, I even think the gameplay is boring with BRs all the time.

  3. 343 never showed any love for Halo Infinite.

  4. I used to love the old Halos, 1-4 maybe, but its just going downhill now, Halo 5 was actually fun.

  5. Nothing

Well what i do know is the Grenade timing have had a negative effect it should not have been messed with instead what should of happened was players should not of started with grenades but have to earn that! so it was a simple one to make but i can also understand how you could get this wrong so i am sympathizing with you 343i but this needs to be addressed ASAP as its just a big stress experience for many .

Suggestion is either lower grenade radius blast or have zero grenades start .

Messing with ancient timings is not good at all and am very surprised on this decision .

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  1. I very very much dislike 343.

  2. Halo has been unsatisfactory since Halo 4.

  3. Absolutely. Especially with Infinite, less so with the MCC.

  4. The aliens, first and foremost. The story of the original 3 and reach. The original art style and designs. And the fact that a lot of what made me who I am today is from the Bungie era Halo games.

  5. I don’t “love” anything from 343. The only thing they have done good is what they have done to the MCC. Even still, it was literally 4 years later.

They also lied about having split screen. So blatant false advertising, but that’s not the first time they’ve done that. They false advertised the whole story of 5 first.


It would be cool if the halo 5 weapon skins could be transferred to infinite along with previously unlocked armor. I like the gameplay its self for the most part. How about introducing a prestige system for individual players to work on and have emblem unlocks or armor pertaining to the tier of the players level? I have a handful of ideas that i would like to see put into development and i do understand it takes alot of work to do these things. A warzone mode like in halo 5 would be fun as well.

@intrepid_rook @Berra @Sir_Reptilia

Thank you very much for your responses. I appreciate your honesty and thank you for keeping it clean & constructive

@The_Cool_Spoon thanks again for further feedback homie, appreciate it :slight_smile:

@Sordid_Plebeian @CapableClover39

Thank you very much for your in-depth responses and your clarifications. I really appreciate the time you put into your responses, there were a lot of parts that I both agreed and resonated with. Thank you again and thank you for your great feedback :green_heart:

@Spam8358 @Desi_br @HaleTortoise885

Thank you for your feedback. I do appreciate your contribution, but I will call you forward and say that you have not answered the questions I have asked directly

Like I said previously, the reason I created these specific questions was to obtain specific answers from the community and how they feel about 343, the community & the latest game Halo Infinite

Either way, thank you for your responses and thank you for your insights :slight_smile:

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