Where is the HALO: CE playlist

Seriously! Halo 2, 3, and 4 have their own playlist. Where is the playlist for Halo CE?

I heard it’s coming next year, they said they would be adding more in the future

Such -Yoink-, they should’ve been able to get something together.

It doesn’t have to be ranked just something that is strictly halo CE. Majority of the votes in team slayer are towards halo 2/3.

They said something about the network issues with Halo CE and there won’t be a dedicated Halo CE playlist for a little while. They said when it does come out, it will be 2v2. Which is a little disappointing if you ask me. I want AT LEAST 4v4. because even 4v4 wasn’t easy to come by back in the LAN days.

They took it out because it was originally planned for 4v4. However “pro ce fans” complained that CE was a 2v2 game so… There you go. They took it out to make updates to it.

the mlg CE kids kept whining that the game was a pc port so they pulled it out.

We always had 4v4 matchup’s on xboxconnect, and we went to tournies that were 4v4. I had a buddy that I did a ton of 2v2’s with, but I wouldn’t say it is a 2v2 game in any manner. I can see 2v2 working better for a ranking system though.

bbeen playing CE since day 1, always liked 4v4 over 2v2, more action, add me: BooneYO for custom CE games most fun I have had in years playing halo has been the last few days playing CE ccustom matches