Where is the Halo 5 Clans Page?

Does anyone know where to access the clan pages for Halo 5 now with the new site? I can’t find it anywhere!

I think they removed that because apparently the fans don’t want social features.

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The fans do want social features but 343 doesnt want social games. They only want competitive sweatfest games apparently


343 removed Spartan Company from Waypoint last year, which was mentioned in the article “WAYPOINT VNEXT: FAQ”.


KP: Spartan Companies will still appear in Halo 5 but without our interface you will no longer be able to edit your Company info or roster. (So, if you have any planned updates, we recommend you do them now.) Your Company’s Service Record and Commendations will not be visible, but they will continue to tick behind the scenes and rewards (including Achilles) will continue to be granted. Your roster will be locked with no way to add, remove, promote, or demote members. Spartan Company forums will no longer be available.

oh yeah the fans are guilty so 343 cut things on Halo 5 so fans must play infinite


This is news to me. I was working out of town without internet/phone access when that article came out. Really saddening. First they shut down all the original Bungie Halo servers which i still played because MCC is not the same, missing lots of content and features that those had. Then they stop releasing seasonal content updates in MCC, now they have basically ended all support with H5 and removed features like the clan support, which was honestly one of my favorite new features that H5 had, and was very excited for to see what they would do with it in Infinite only to see that its completely gone. This is why I don’t play much Halo anymore, I’ve moved back over to playing Destiny most of the time.

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I feel you, I couldn’t even bring myself to play halo on the 360 one last time, it was just too sad. Honestly I’ve played destiny before, since year 1, but right now it’s not as good as it used to be (imo). Sad to see it’s the same case for Halo, would love to see social features like clans come back for infinite.

343i is easily the most anti-fun studio in the industry. It’s like they design their games to be solely competitive experiences instead of fun games. Weapon balance and competitive events are placed as higher priority than content and bug fixes. They seriously compete neck-and-neck with Rockstar Games and Infinity Ward for how sweaty they make their games.