Where is the Grifball??

Do they plan to add it at all to MCC? It’s a great gametype that was fanmade

And halo 5?

i think its gonna be in halo 5.

I would be so stoked to see it in halo 5! It could be in eSports too?:smiley:

I was so annoyed when there wasn’t any grifball… just put it in for god sake! (thats what she said)

I do hope it’s in Halo 5 always had a good laugh beating people down with the bomb.

Grifball has always been such a fun game. Also, it’s not just some fan made Custom game like all the others, it was created by Rooster Teeth!

This is one of my favorite games. I always loved playing Grifball with friends and all of the random people in matchmaking! THis had better be coming to MCC and/or Halo 5!

I think it won’t be in Halo 5 I think the only kind of sport playlist will be ricochet.
Grifball is almost never played correctly anyways just loads of noobs going all out for multikills…

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Always loved Grifball and wish they would bring back but I’m not holding my breath. If it’s not in the MCC then I doubt they plan to bring it to 5. There hasnt been once mention of it from 343 as far as can tell. Again, love it and I would be happy to download another 10g patch just to play it, but I’m not hopeful

The best fan made gametype.

Damn griffball in halo 5 that would be pretty top

I agree 100% was a nice arcade game that even my friends loved very much. But in halo 5 it will be so cool!

Grifball tournaments!!!