Where is the glitch fixes/bullcrap vent

I dont know about you, but im kinda tired of all the glitches around here. This thread is to post all the glitches you guys have found so that someone can see it and fix them. The one I dont like the most is the spartan spawn with assault rifles or looking like a spartan when you are flood and vise versa during flood matches. really messes up the game.

post the glitches and bull-crap you have seen that you would like to see fixed.

ohh and to the makers of this game…congrats, you forced us into needing a hard drive to play multiplayer…installing disc 2? are you kidding me? I dont remember halo being an operating system or anything…having 2 discs is fine but needing one to play the other is absurd.

You absolutism messes up the love of multiplayer for me at least…no random weapons anymore… flood jetpack is incredibly powerful(why do they even have 1?). remember when they just walked fast and jumped high? yea me too…I remember when a flood couldn’t cross a map in 1.3 seconds

thats all

Killcam inacuracy,
need i say more?

also, why is it that certain guns in the killcam, have their Volume amplified 1000%?

honestly, i have to cover my ears whenever a killcam of a suppressor user comes on-screen

> I have to cover my ears whenever a killcam of a suppressor user comes on-screen.

I’ve noticed that as well - I’m glad it’s not just me it does it for.
To the OP, if you have any Matchmaking bugs, report them here:
Matchmaking Bug Reporting
The Flood JIP bug has already been posted by DavidJCobb, so they already know about that one.

TU is coming around the same time as the next Map-Pack.

Does anybody know if the AC dots/ Radar Jammer was ment to dissapear or if that is a glitch they plan fixing… cause more and more ppl are are walking around w/o the radar Jammer.