Where is the File Share?

Halo needs a file share to share content with other people and fast! Remember back in Halo 3 and Reach when you could look at pictures on the Xbox and Online to see forge art? Or How about downloading maps and game modes so you can host huge custom game lobbies with friends and strangers on Live? WTF, seriously, is this feature extinct with 343?

Halo will fall in population if this isn’t here.

Its under ur friends name when u pull them up in ur halo friends list in game.

Is there a way to go online and search for Maps and Game Modes like in the past? I don’t want to only see my friends… this beats the point of the online file share. I can go and look up Infection game modes back in the day and find them with their created maps and download them onto the 360 and host them with friends.

If this is not acted upon like Halo 3’s and Reach’s, then I will probably stop playing this to go back to Reach, where I can use the file share. :c