Where is the content?

The game has been active for over 4 months and we haven’t seen a single new map.
Nothing but stupid cosmetics like 10 bucks for the colour “Light brown” as a store option…

like, who are you trying to kid?

I don’t mean to seem ungrateful but the community has left in droves… the extremely slow updates and no content on a LIVE SERVICE game as well as even further delays to both co-op and forge.

It’s kind of the nail in the coffin for Halo it seems…

  • regretfully a fan.

It’s coming… With 2 new maps coming with season 2, hopefully it’s gonna be couple of new maps each season.

Hopefully when the progression system comes in, and some classic game types it should keep us going until forge / co-op arrives


343 shifted Halo into a live service & forgot that a live service requires reasonably regular service & not just a “mid season day one patch”

this game was supposed to launch in 2020, imagine how much more lacking it would’ve been compared to now, this game should’ve been delayed until at least late 2022, the 10 year plan is a joke.


Even though I don’t like how the game is being handled, when I look at the overall the truth here is that the player base is the actual problem. Today’s generation has shown the gaming industry that they like being treated as a doormat, and they say thank you for it.

We all complain in one form or another, but the ones that keep playing “hoping” things will change and a miracle will happen that 343 is going to start making a quality type of game need to seriously wake the hell up.

The game is literally only being created for Microsoft/343 Benefit at this point. Infinite should have been released as a complete game, and with all the missing content, and delays like co-op should tell everyone Microsoft/343 don’t know how to get their act together and they are just milking the players base.


The content is being held back for events, the store and other FOMO rubbish that we were promised weren’t going to be in the game.

Why do you think “SWAT, but with a different weapon” took so long to come out?


Idiots wanted to play dolly dress up in video games.

Now we are in the (pathetic) era of dress-sim gaming.

The content you all wanted is there…

It’s in the store…
It’s in the BPs…
It’s in the events…

Consumer idiocy…dev greed…an abhorrent combination.


Think the game will turn out like mcc did when it first launched.

Abandoned. Then 343 will update the game to wat the fans requested in the first place. Then boom back in. Should only take 3 years.


The real problems are that video game publishers and stockholders want maximum money for minimum effort in a frequent manner, and that a lot of casual gamers don’t care that much about games or what they’re getting for their money.
People complaining and hoping things will change aren’t the problem.

There’s nothing wrong with “dress up” in video games, and the only reason the content is in the shop and similar places is because of the people who thought it would be fine for cosmetics to cost money since they didn’t care for them, and they thought they’d get more content that they like without cost.

Also, cosmetics and appearance-changing items have been in video games for decades, and not all games are worse off because of that.
Metroid (1986)
Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (1992)
Virtua Fighter 2 (1994)
Tekken (1994)
Soul Edge (1995)
Resident Evil (1996)
Mega Man X4 (1997)
Metal Gear Solid (1998)
Fable (2005)
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006)
Okami (2006)
Demon’s Souls (2009)

Im sorry bro…I’ve been asking this for months lol.

343 just wants their money for selling half a game and making promises to release the rest down the road.

Live service games have turned into money pits for gamers. But the choice is theirs. Personally, I bought Halo on disc, played it until I completed the game and moved on waiting for the next content drop. I refuse to get into another Destiny type game that constantly squeezes you for more money to get the best gear and content. Playing with friends is great but I feel LIVE SERVICE has become an exploit. Done with that…just saying.


Creating content has absolutely nothing to do with stockholders, and previous titles prove that. But, when it comes to players just accepting whatever is thrown at them and they keep buying from the shop playing the game? it shows the company they can continue to poorly handle the game with no worries, will just get to things when we feel like it.


To be honest it’s embarrassing being a HALO fan right now.
343i is grossly out of touch with the community.

They can claim they are listening but we still don’t even have a road map.

How is this a Triple A studio?

If we truly are only getting two new maps for the entirety of Season 2 i imagine almost all interest for this game will be gone besides the absolutely loyal people.


Fully agreed here. If it wasn’t for all the people spending hundreds in the store, there wouldn’t be a store. It’s terrible.

If people weren’t spending money on cat ears, we would get a lot more real armor options like the ones in reach.

If people weren’t so obsessed over cosmetics, we would get more real content like a flushed out campaign, more maps, game modes.

If nobody would buy the game or play it at launch when it is released missing basic features, then they would have prioritized them more.

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I don’t know of anything you plan for 10 years outside of retirement. ‘10 years of cosmetics’ more like!


That is the main problem today with some, not all gaming companies. They know that they can rely on the players buying from a shop that leads to less quality work put into creating a decent game, and Microsoft/343 has actually shown that with infinite.


I mean…we had all that in Halo 3 lol. The level of customization in Infinite is a joke. Most of the stuff I’ve unlocked is only available on the Mark V, which means if I want to use the Mark VII I have an extremely limited option to customize it.

The whole cores thing is dumb. Every core should be able to use everything.


Unfortunately, 2 new maps after 6 months is hardly enough, especially when there’s been no new content aside from that. All they’ve added have been some “new” game types that aren’t even actually new, they’re just different settings for the same games.

More importantly, Halo: CE had 14 maps at launch, and then got up to 19 less than two years after. This game was four maps behind the first game in the series at launch, and at this rate will still be behind it after two years (assuming 2 new maps each season, Infinite would have 18 maps after two years). The new games should have more content, not significantly less.

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Didn’t you guys hear? This is the most successful Halo launch of all time. 20m downloads. I’m sure that is because the game is super great and has nothing to do with the fact that it is ftp.


The content most certainly ISN’T there.

And can we not be toxic? Please?

That kinda stuff doesn’t make the discussion any healthy. It actually brings down the mood.

We’ve heard your feedback and we are happy to announce, we will be adding more content by Season 4. :facepunch: