Where is Spartan Ops Episode 6?

It’s probably been asked before but the search function on here is totally lame and didn’t list any threads regarding the title…


I hate cliffhangers!

21st Jan 2013. Not sure if i got the date right tho.

It’s to be released in late January. They’ve only given us 5 episodes to start out with, but hopefully the next episodes come soon.

They are taking a mid season break like all the TV shows are. A chance to relax, work on future episodes, and build suspense with the fans.

Also make them better lol

Also make them better lol

[Edit] Double post fail.

Cheers guys… I just wish they would either A) let us know in a prominent place or B) have a decent bloody search engine here.

Just put in “Spartan Ops Episode 6” in the “Search Waypoint” box above. Absolutely nothing whatsoever. Hell, the top result is about episode 2.

Here you go, OP: Link