Where is ranked slayer?

Since halo began, slayer has always been the center of halo multiplayer. I realize team slayer was added but who wants to start with an assault rifle and a downgraded pistol? Give us ranked slayer with br starts. Why do players that don’t want objective based games have to play through five games of oddball and ctf before they get what they want? Why is it that there isn’t an hcs playlist and ranked slayer playlist yet? It’s so bare bones and on top of that, you rotate the same three maps. More maps please!


Halo 5 Magnum needs to come back and replace the br.

There also needs to be permanent 4v4, 2v2, slayer and FFA ranked playlists.

Halo 5 got it right on lunch. Slayer was ranked. FFA was ranked. Swat was ranked. Like it should be.

Even funnier that the playlists we got now are actually just last min playlists. We were ganna be stuck with no playlists if people didn’t complain.


Noooo , don’t broken halo infinite… halo 5 sucked principally because of stupid magnum. Its was way too op, and every game was magnum vs magnum…





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Why no? It’s a skill based shooter. The br doesn’t take skill. The magnum does

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They’re both precision weapons, but the H5 magnum wasn’t good because it was skill based with a good optimum ttk. It was dominant because despite it’s middling ttk, it had insane magnetism and AA range, letting you easily outrange other guns while landing shots even when your reticle wasn’t even on the enemy model.

To be clear, I also have an issue with how easy they made the br in infinite by giving you a perfect vertical recoil with full reset to shoot at the body and get the third bullet to the head, but the solution to that is to fix the br, not add a gun that fires magnetic logs at 30m.


Isn’t halo a hope fire game game tho? You should be able to cross map with the magnum. It’s why I hate the bloom and recoil of the sidekick. You can’t hit as far anymore.

Tbh. I liked it being dominant. I like playing with only the magnum. I would have fun with the magnum only most of the time. When it comes to anything else other than competitive then that’s when I like other weapons but when in compettiive I want to see who’s shot is better. You can’t do that with most guns in infinite

Either way. I like single shot weapons. I don’t like bursts or autos in halo when it comes to competitive shooting.

To me 1 bullet per trigger pull takes far more skill than 3 bullets per trigger pull

I also hate magnitism and aim assist in any form. I don’t think they should be in halo. And I’ll gladly take the Halo 5 Magnum without the magnitism. Halo infinite still has magnitism too. You can see it in the grappling hook. Even the spartan charge had it.

I don’t have a problem with that, but if you aren’t the one landing the shot, it is op. It lowers the skill gap, because everyone gets that magnetism and aim assist (except pc players now that pc halo is finally a thing again). A weapon that is strong not because of peak performance, but rather for the high degree to which it aims for you is the opposite of a skill based weapon. That is what I have a problem with. If the sidekick was retroactively correcting missed bullets at 30m, I would have a problem with it too.

I think this style is bad for the game, which is why I have an issue with the current br. Skill is more than just pure aim, there is also awareness and map control, and using weapon and equipment pickups to win fights is part of that. Dominant spawn weapons water down the experience because they reduce the incentive to fight for better weapons on the map, encouraging camping playstyles and removing the skill gap that comes with adaptive use of the sandbox.

Sounds like a personal preference. I would argue that the burst requires greater skill to get the optimum ttk, because you have to track consistently through the burst. Same reason people struggle with the shock rifle; it is more difficult to land 3 separate headshots than it is to land just one. This is part of why having a more vibrant sandbox is good for the game, as it would give both of us more freedom to use the weapons we enjoy and find skillful.

Inside the Ranked playlist.

I’m patiently waiting for ranked Team Slayer too! Thank you for reading my mind. :rofl:

Halo 5 Magnum for br? Are you high?

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At this point I would rather camando starts. Anything but the br. It’s already been done already. Tired of playing that slow paced back fourth burst gameplay.

Welcome to the community @Barnhouse47. I think it’s safe to say we won’t get much content until season 2 at this point. Though I hope I’m wrong.

I mean they both take skill. The Magnum just has a closer range than the Battle Riffle.