Where is Raider DSTT Helmet?

Has anyone know how I did not unlock the Raider DSTT Helmet avatar award upon unlocking all the Raider armor parts for Halo 4? That is the only avatar award I do not have. Some answers will help.

You unlock the DSTT avatar award after you unlock the DSTT armor in the game

The dsst helmet is a variant of the raider helmet, and is still locked. I just unlocked the dsst shoulders the other week, and looking out for when the other codes are released

yeah same here, waiting for the DSTT helmet and Torso

Not sure if people have seen or heard of any codes being released yet for them. most likely in the next spartan ops episode we will see one of them available

> Not sure if people have seen or heard of any codes being released yet for them. most likely in the next spartan ops episode we will see one of them available

Is that how people find them?

I still did not get the avatar award for that DSTT Avatar Award Helmet after completing the 1st 3 episodes of Spartan Ops. Guess I am giving up on it since it’s either glitched or it wasn’t meant to be as an avatar award? IDK.

its not glitched u have 2 complete spartan op 1-3 on legenday and then type in the requiem archive 2 codes to unlock them all (shoulders, toso, and helmet, each separate codes) by using waypoints classified section with the forerunner terminal.

To unlock the DSTT avatar award you must first get:
-Shoulders, torso and helmet of Raider Armor;
-Shoulders, torso and helmet of Raider DSTT Armor (skin variant);

Currently we miss codes for torso and helmet of DSTT, but remember that requirements for unlocking them are:
-Finish Solo Campaign on Legendary
-Complete 1000 War Games

^ up you need the map pack as well as 1000 war games to be able to find the code

So, did anyone find the code for either the DSTT chest or headpiece? Is there a page that gives you all of the codes including the ones that don’t give you armor?


found on


but the new code on

found on


I have completed over 1000 matchmaking games, and I, try to enter the codes from a few online sources. And when I enter them it says " I must complete 1000 war games matchmaking games. look for glyphs on DLC 1 Maps and in forum posts". I have the codes from several sources and fro some reason I get that message.

I already got the shoulders !

Its because you have not done 1000 war games matches. When you look on your service record it probably says over 1000 but that counts all your games (war games, custom games, spartan ops and I believe campaign). So you just have to play more war games matches (and complete them).

When I enter it, the invalid code message appears


Is it soley matchmaking war games or does matchmaking spartan ops game count too? does anyone have this yet?

I think they solely mean war games.

1000 war games are needed for the dstt helmet, the glyph code is all over the web just google it. not custom games though.