Where is our music control?!!

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This game isn’t finished.

  • Bugs > Mainly in campaign.
  • Missing things like music control (turn menu music on/off), poor matchmaking, missing xp ranking, Splitscreen Vertical/Horizontal
  • Only 6 H2:A MAPS?!?!?! They look verry good though! I guess we’ll get the others for free after this big screw up at launch?! I won’t buy them, that’s for shure!

I feel raped, after more then 10 years buying your -Yoink-. (garbage)

I understand its -Yoink!-'s fould releasing this game to early in ‘‘November’’ because of the 10 year thing. Damn, this is bad for the Halo franchise. The revenue isn’t i can imagine.

> 2688086027596984;1:

You don’t feel “raped.” That’s an incredibly stupid, ignorant and offensive thing to say considering there are people who have actually been raped.

Ha yeh i wish i could turn off the menu music when waiting for games… i have to mute my tv now because even though it is great music, i get SICK of hearing it all the times especially with the increased search times atm…

I reported that too. A major oversight

None of the previous Halo games came with a sound mixer. Back in the day you could not turn the volume, nor the music, up or down.

Why would you want to turn the music off? You should be able to turn the game audio off so you can only hear the music. :slight_smile:

I’d like the music off / down so I can hear the snapped TV whilst I wait hours and hours for games.

Maybe the originals never had this but MCC is supposed to be Next Gen and almost every game lets you change Music, SFX, Dialogue volumes independently of each other and that was last gen

They are aware of the music issues, but that is far below their priorities at the moment for obvious reasons.