Where is my Venator Raptor skin?

I pre-ordered by copy of Halo 4 Limited Edition online from the official Best Buy website. I really like the Venator Raptor skin as a bonus. Anyway, they sent me the poster first, doesn’t have any code on it (I checked just in case). A few days later, Best Buy sent me a code the the Dead-Eye helmet. Now if I remembered correctly, that wasn’t part of their pre-order bonuses. So I thought it was a free-bee and used the code. When the game arrived, I got everything except a code for the Raptor skin. I checked everywhere, couldn’t find it. Can anybody help me?

it said on the back of the pre order slip that they were going to email the preorder bonus codes the day of picking up the game to the email you used when preordering.

I got my code emailed to me the day after release.

I got the e-mail on Nov 6, but it wasn’t the code for the Raptor skin.

Your purchase of X360 - Halo 4 - Deadeye Helmet is available to download.


Contact customer service. Everything will be ok.

I’m not annoyed, it just sucks that I couldn’t get that cool Raptor skin. I contacted customer support though.

They sent the codes separately from each other, so make sure you look around in your inbox and spam.

Too bad dude.

Unfortunately nobody here will be able to do anything other than recommend you contact Customer Service. I know of many who have contacted them with similar issues and then got a code right away.


Preorders can be different in the regions even if the seller is the same. For example I preordered from gamestop, but instead of the theme/ghost prop I recived a second Specialization code (even if I had limited)

you realize this thread is 16 days old…

> you realize this thread is 16 days old…

Do you know any “DHG Jigsaw”? Asking becouse I saw you have same clan I think…

I pre ordered my copy from Best Buy and picked it up at the store. I get home and recognize there are no codes, so I emailed their customer support and they asked me for the number on my receipt, I sent it to them and a day later I received my Deadeye Helmet and Venator Raptor Skin codes.