Where is my Specialization Code?

I bought the game at the midnight release and have played online almost every single day. Why haven’t I received my codes for the extra specializations?

Nobody has got them yet. It’s annoying I know I’ve been stuck at 70 for the last week and the way things are going I wouldn’t expect it till friday.

I don’t expect to get mine till next Sunday…what poor support. I’m at level 69 and I know if I keep playing I’ll hit 70 and having nothing else to do and don’t say “why can’t you play for fun?”, well I can’t because if I do play for fun then I’ll be wasting XP from commendations.

When I hit SR130 I am going to keep playing until I complete every commendation! And then when I am done with ranks and commendations, I am going to go and play for real fun and competition!

That’s my plan, since day one.

Thank you, I was just worried that they had some how over looked me.