Where is my Mark VI armour?



Look through your commendations, it probably didn’t record your completion of the stage.

There’s nothing you can do about it, other than doing it again.

I got the armour by completing the game solo on ledgendary maybe this is the only way to get it. Try solo and then give it a go if that doesnt work i dont know what the problem is.

It doesn’t have to be solo. Go to your campaign commendations and there will probably be some missions not highlighted as completed. You’ll have to redo those. Same exact thing happened to me.

Mark VI is unlocked by playing SP or Co-op campaign on Legendary and while connected to xbox live. If at any time you are disconnected, the current level will not count towards the commendation.

It is not an achievement based unlock. It is commendation based unlock, and commendations are only acrued from online playtime.

Says in your service record that you’re missing Midnight on Legendary. You’ll have to beat that level again in order to get your Mark VI.

Two possible reasons:

  1. Your connection to Xbox Live dropped and did not record the final mission.

  2. Your Xbox has not update the commendation yet.

Either way, the quickest fix would be to simply replay the final mission while ensuring that your connection does not lag or drop.