Where is Lone Wolves In the Menu?

I feel like I’m showing my age by asking this question, but I can’t seem to literally locate Lone Wolves. I figured it might be in “Ranked Arena” so I clicked on that and was brought to a Lone Wolves menu that only had a cinematic to watch and a battle pass advert. I didn’t want to buy the pass so I pressed B and went back to the original menu. Now Lone Wolves really isn’t showing up anywhere. I don’t know how to play it and nothing in-game suggests where it is. Also, if I need to buy a battle pass to play it A) I’m not doing that and B) it’s still unclear how to get to it.

There’s is no Lone Wolves playlist. Lone Wolves is the name of the Battle Pass.

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Lone wolf os the season name

Last spartan standing is the playlist.