Where is KOTH and other game modes?

Does anyone know when the king of the hill and the swat variants are supposed to come out?


King of the hill took a back seat because of strongholds in halo 5. Worst desiscsion ever. The swat variants arent even on the radar I don’t think

SWAT, oh sorry TaCtIcAl SlAyEr, variants have been leaked to come around during the tactical ops event. Although KOTH was leaked to come out during the Cyber Showdown event so it could be the same for the Tac Ops but we can hope.

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Ya I miss King of the Hill big time

Season 2.

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In development hell.

They already have a lot of work done probably for tons of different modes/gametypes already, just bugtesting and stuff like that is what takes them so long. I don’t think they want to repeat the BTB experience with anything else.

I really hope we get SOMETHING this February, I don’t know if I can last till May

Suppossedly we are supposed to be getting up to 5 new maps if the leaks remain accurate.

I think those are for May actually, which I am totally fine with. The amount of maps is fine, it is just the lack of gamemodes makes it feel like the game is so lacking of content

Sadly the game launched with no map remakes. Abhorrent.

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They better add Blood Gulch or I am gonna rage

Bloodletting be its new name.

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