Where is Kong Slayer, Purple Rain, and Turbo Slayer?

I’m not sure why I expect common sense out of certain things in Infinite. Why were these ‘community’, casual/social modes not added for The Yappening. I thought the event was supposed to be the first casual and social event featuring wacky modes… why would they instead add Team snipes btb and fiesta versions of the same modes we already have. :man_facepalming:

The Yappening is fun, but I feel like this was a huge miss.

Also, as a question to everyone else…

Will The Yappening playlist stay in the game after the event as BTB Action Sack?
Since we were told that, new event modes will remain in the game after the event is complete.

After all the recent broken trust and promises, I’m beginning to think this event will end, and all of these new modes will disappear with it…

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I’m honestly very confused, does anyone not know what these modes are?

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Next week, Yappening is two weeks.


Theyre coming in March

The UI is limited
20 coconuts

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Yeah, that’s what I figured.

There is no way that those modes are coming next week.

The event is BTB Fiesta (plus snipers and rockets). 343 aren’t going to completely switch those game modes out for new ones in the second week of an event. It just won’t happen.

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Yeah, I’m with @Invoked_by_Red on this one. If it were me and the modes weren’t there week one, I would release them week two, and then after the event, drop two playlists for action sack and action sack BTB to keep them in the game. I have zero faith/expectation that 343 would do that though, because -and not to sound rude- it would just make too much sense…

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Delayed as the ui couldn’t handle 2 event playlists

Kong Slayer is slayer with cushion coils instead of weapons which is gonna rock, don’t remember what purple rain and turbo slayer was, purple rain at a guess would be with needlers

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I’ve said it before and I will say it again; the UI can’t handle extra game modes. They’re always swapping out old stuff for new stuff instead of creating a permanent playlist for the people that still want to play these games types. All this stuff would fit nicely in an action sack list of games wouldn’t it? It took them weeks to include standard slayer in the game.

Next week these BTB game types will probably be swapped out for the 3 missing Yappening game types.

I’m calling it now infection is going to be a event and removed from matchmaking once the event is over

Yep, I said this earlier in the week when the trailers dropped. It clearly showed BTB CTF with a weird selection of weapons and sure enough I was right.

100% they will not switch the game modes for week two as they wouldn’t put out a new trailer showing off the new modes to get people excited for them.

We’ll likely see those other party modes in Season 3 at the earliest.