Where is Installation 04c?

I know that 343i calls the two replacements for Alpha Halo Installation 08 and 09. But I’m gonna call them 04b and 04c, since the seven rings are part of a 12 Ring System! Or at least I think they are.

The second replacement ring. The one Professor Ellen Anders is on. She was confronted by a Guardian. And Cortana controlled them.

Did Cortana plan to use it as a backup weapon? She still had the Activation Index from 04, right?

Simple : nothing in games or book tell us about 04c, Anders, or even what happened to the Guardian and Created after Cortana death, so anything could happened

Personnaly, I don’t think Halo are weapon for Cortana, she want to rule and protect the galaxy, not destroy it. I think she’s trying to secure the Halo

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At some point it will be addressed. Maybe a novel. They recently did a novel that sort of follows on from the events of Halo Wars 2.

But yeah it’s a huge issue that there’s been such a huge gap between the events of Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2. Six years since Halo Wars 2 now. Even a year after Halo Infinite we’ve only had a single novel and they really aren’t doing the work to close the knowledge gap.

My guess is there’s some huge changes and they haven’t firmly decided what they can do and so don’t want to commit to story points they might want to use. For example, if they go all in on the time travel and you go back a year to the middle of Cortanas occupation of the galaxy; well you wouldn’t want to do too much world building and would address these issues then.

Alternatively it’s too related to what happened to the Created and by extension the fate of Cortana; so they have to shroud that in mystery.

With what we know, it would be like Zeta Halo. Occupied by the Banished after all the Created switched off because Cortana left the Domain leaving her vulnerable but her destruction caused an overload in the Domain…. :thinking:

So I could see a story of Anders being captured by the Banished or using science to hold off the Banished from taking that particular ring.

I think more that the Created will be independent without Cortana’s supervision, maybe an AI will take control of this guard. It could have its own agenda, like going back to the Ark in order to link the story to Halo Wars 2

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Maybe. We’ll have to see what they do with Season 3. It looks like there’s going to be an actual cinematic this time so, hopefully we get some motion with the story. One year in and we might actually leave the practice range. :smile:

I think until they start putting out content just in general they just aren’t going to do much storywise. Like if they have decided to switch the Battle Royale Tatanka to a new engine, well, they’d have to change up the multiplayer story entirely and keep this holding pattern until they feel they can do the next narrative event.

Like the setup does seem to be there from the Encyclopedia for a Created Remnant of some description.

I mean I think I am going to be way off as usual, but one of the new Season three maps allegedly has the following description: - Oasis: An ancient gift. A new genesis. Which is an odd choice of words. Genesis being where Cortana assumed control of the Domain. So is a new genesis something to do with the Domain and the Created?