Where is Infection?

Half the Halo Community is asking for Infection, and yet we haven’t heard any response. Get your act together 343, we NEED social game types. Halo isn’t made to be the competition-based money pile that you want it to be, COD already took that position. Halo fans have asked for so much, and received so little. GIVE US INFECTION.

And Grifball while they’re at it!

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> And Grifball while they’re at it!

I thought we were getting that with the hammer this month. Or at least they said ball type games I believe. So I assumed.

I completely agree!
The lack of 343 player-developer dialogue has me pretty upset and I feel that all of the more seasoned Halo veterans can agree.
Custom games MADE Halo 3 for me. Specifically, Infection. Infection was the most played social gametype in Halo 3, dropping off in Reach and even more so in Halo 4 (Yeesh, no customization of the infected’ weapons?).
Halo was the game where a bunch of friends and I could just hop into a Monster trucks, Skycastle, Omega Journey, Ghost Hunter, etc. game and just mess around. We were able to do what we wanted in a gametype with set rules and the infection settings. (Please don’t tell me to use Halo 2 infection style gametypes. Its just not as good.)
The other thing that Bungie made an OUTSTANDING effort on was Bungie Favorites. Nothing beat a weekly media pick from the developers of the game itself, helping the media and the creations get out there, due to the fact custom games could only be played with friends or specifically invited people. I think we need a 343 Favorites, or a weekly pick from 343 themselves. It could go under the Community tab - what I thought would include something like it from day one.
Halo has been about fun and couch-bonding and split screen suicides, not this Call of Halo competitive multiplayer (Yes, its one of my favorite matchmaking Halos ever), and I just don’t feel like I’m having fun with this game, as my friends and I are always just competing to win.

Anyways, yeah, the community needs to have it’s voice heard about the lack of Infection - that’s the only way this will even be considered as a gamemode. I do not mean Flood. I mean standard Halo 3 infection, with Halo 3 customization. (I already built a new Skycastle and Trash Compactor map)

Sincerely, a player who bought an Xbox 360 in 2007 FOR Halo 3 after playing Halo 1 and 2 on PC first.

There was a Twitter statement that infection was coming sometime after the ball game type update.