Where is Flood Firefight?

Anyone know what’s happening with the flood firefight mode? Are they still adding it or is it something that just got thrown out of the game at this point. Haven’t seen any updates about it since november

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It was removed for issues and then the holidays happened so it’s still likely getting worked on.

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I expect Flood Firefight will be the next MCC Update we see. However there is the possibility, with all the backlash of Halo Infinite atm, we could see the MCC team get the temporary green light to continue Seasonal MCC updates until Infinite is stabilized and has a proper road map.

Keeping in mind the MCC team is a SMALL team of devs working solely on MCC and not on Infinite.

I believe this to be the case because, let’s be honest, MCC is 343’s safety net for Infinite and they know it. The second Infinite starts to flounder you know that 343 will start making MCC the contingency plan because it’s a fan favorite. It worked for Halo 5, why not for Infinite?

The problem is this will only work possibly one more time. In all honesty 343 should stop making new Halo games and just continually update MCC as MCC is actually a really good collection and a really good game.


It’s being worked on alongside ODST tools, it had a lot of issues relating to softlocking and AI during the flight, as well as broken spawns and missing enemy units.

Of note for flood was that flood could get stuck out of bounds and carrier forms had no AI

Of note for Elites was that:

  • rifle style weapon melee attacks did no damage
  • Minors and Majors would berserk and pull out swords (only Spec Ops and Spec Ops Ultras were supposed to do this)
  • Spec Ops Ultras all had Rtas’s head (they shouldn’t have had this)
  • Elites couldn’t use phantom spawns
  • Stealth Elite Minors and Majors were still unused in the files
  • Spec Ops Elites were used with other Elites, but not used in there own Patrol with the unused Spec Ops Grunts in the files

(Brute Trackers from 3 also went unused again, but that might be due to not really having a role. They could carry over the Brute Sniper loadout from Tsavo Highway and pair them with Spec Ops Grunts though)

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They really need to update us and give an ETA for Flood Firefight and all the MCC content for this year.