Where is firefight? Is it okay?

So, if they did decide to do a Firefight release with an ODST themed season, could that mean a second shot at Spartan Ops with a Halo 4 themed season? I’d love for them to give that a second shot, I thought Spartan Ops had potential to be something really solid.



Omg Spartan ops is not a bad idea. If you look up where I commented earlier, ideally that’s what we would do is have a nice open world with objectives to complete with scaling difficulty. It’s not “Open world” per say then it’s an island but I mean come on. 4-8 player Spartan open world objective based PvE. How does that not sound like Fire-Ops2.0?

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I really didnt like halo 4s spartan ops
I’ve played all other versions a ton, and my greatest fear is waiting 3 years for a firefight, getting it, and its spartan ops 2.0
No offense, maybe in infinite it would feel different.

I heard it fell down the stairs in the 343 headquarters just before the holidays. Maybe someone should go and see what is left of it. :crying_cat_face:

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Firefight was never really treated like a proper mode. It only came at launch for Reach…

Its not coming anytime soon, that much is certain. 343i (in general) do not care about Firefight, so I think its a long ways from being in Infinite.

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Gawd no! If 343 tries to put in another Spartan ops instead of a firefight mode I am uninstalling the game and leaving forever… Spartan ops was their lame attempt to “improve” a firefight mode and it was pathetic…just friggin give us a firefight mode ala odst and reach as a “spiritual reboot”….

it’l be a 10 buck dlc with an additional 5 buck warzone ff dlc. since it’s technically not ‘multiplayer’. mark my words it will be so, in like 5 years

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I liked Spartan Ops, but I think that’s because I treated it as a secondary campaign rather than a firefight mode, it was pretty cool to get extra story ontop of the campaign


Honestly the games code seems unstable, they fix one thing and break two, they add new stuff and break BTB.

I’m honestly concerned for the new playlist coming… I’m downright expecting it to be broken like all hell when it comes out.like I don’t see the need to be optimistic so far the stability of this game has been questionable and 343 has lost any faith I have to just keep it stable enough to run so many things at once.

It sucks but I doubt they even have a concept idea of how to add in Firefight.

Just expect it to be heavily monetized.
And I already know someone’s going to get overly pissed off over what I’m saying.

Just keep your expectations low. On any content they release. The Events are already coming off as timegated Content Rationing Drip Feeds.

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If it means It won’t be monetized to hell and back I’ll pay 15 bucks I don’t give a damn. At this point the closest thing we may get is if forge has placeable ai.

Some type of PvE content needs to happen, that’s for sure.


Yeah, as far as I remember Spartan Ops was never sold as being some new firefight, but a side story co-op campaign. It was a bit rough and the dialogue a bit cringy at times but it had potential. It could’ve been made into something really good with some improvements in a second season.

Firefight broke a leg, it’ll be out of the game for the season.


Spartan ops would’ve been better recieved with a FF along side it

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I liked Spartan Ops better than all versions of Firefight. What was so wrong with it? I know it got really repetitive so that’s one thing.


Spartan ops had a decent story, it was the bloated gameplay, especially on higher difficulty, that I didn’t enjoy.

It didn’t appear in MCC or halo 5 after launch.

343 have a reputation to release unfinished games

“I… can’t have. It was alive, I played it! Nooooooooooo.”

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