Where is firefight? Is it okay?

Last thing I heard there wasn’t even any plans? Someone tell me I’m wrong with a source cuz I can’t find anything?


I’ve kind of come to terms with the idea that we will never see a feature complete launch of a Halo game again. But I think they have a lot of stuff they either need to fix or add before they even get to Firefight.


I don’t know where you’ve been, but Firefight hasn’t been okay for the last 10 years.


Boy ain’t that the truth.

As much as I want my hopes up for a full firefight gamemode on a 10 year plan game. I know we are going to get some warzone firefight gamemode instead. Until I see otherwise that’s what I believe


My hopes is that forge will have ai placement. Let us create our own firefights. Feature the best like we did with maps back in five and reach

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The state of firefight right now is a lot like when your pet dog or cat has been missing for a really long time. You hope that one day it will return home, but you keep pushing of those feelings that it probably got run over by 343, er… I mean a car…


There is no information about new gamemode, maps or campaign expansion.
343 should publish a roadmap in afew weeks. So i hope that we get some answer.


Firefight fell victim to modern gaming.
Release a game with barely any content, make it available after a very long time and call it live service.

In terms of Firefight, I’m very pessimistic. I highly doubt that we will see it before 2023. Mid 2023 seems realistic to me.
And I’m even more concerned about it’s implementation. Halo 5 literally gave you 0 options, you’ve had not one single customization option.
Additionally to that, the maps were clearly not designed for Firefight. They literally took the warzone maps. I don’t know if anyone remembers Boss Fights in H5’s Firefight, but holy crap that was probably the laziest attempt I’ve ever seen.
They were literally stuck in small places where you couldn’t even engage them properly.

How will it be in Infinite? Will we see maps made specifically for Firefight? Will see new variants? Will we be able to customize options?
A lot of questions and I really hope 343 has learned their lesson.


By far a very fair and just argument. Playing Halo 5’s firefight… I saw the possibility that it had for user customization. It always drove me nuts I was restricted to playing it online with others.

I pray that forge will have placeable ai. I pray the reason we have heard next to nothing is because it’s going to be akin to something like farcry with editing tools and placements. I pray it doesn’t look like Roblox again and that we the players can make our own story.

If we can ever get an elite core I want to make a game type that a pvpve type. 8 players, 4 Spartan, 4 elite. Carve through enemies to get to a hilltop. KOTH with incoming waves of Marines and banished. Good luck.

But a dream like that doesn’t exist without a proper forge. We’ve seen what people can do with a proper set of mod tools.

But I digress; I have a hope that firefight will be an open world event. Thats it’s more like the campaign in ways that choosing what you’re attacking scales the difficulty and exfill is only available between attacks.

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They couldn’t even get a Slayer playlist in the game for launch, and you expect Firefight? You think way too highly of 343 :rofl: :rofl:


It seems, in your anger, you killed Firefight.


I think you mistake my question for optimism. And no, I have hope in 343, the game is great for the most part, I have my ticks but it’s a great Halo game. It’s obvious from many sources -Yoink!- the devs wanted vs what was allowed.

Thank you for catching that.

I haven’t seen one mention of firefight anywhere.
Firefight and Btb are my favorites.
It would be great if 343 put up a thread of their ideas for it, and asked for idea contributions., while perhaps explaining some limitations?
Firefight could have been huge, not just in popularity, but they could’ve made a mint


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There are mentions of the gamemode deep within the leaked files.

It’s coming but probably not for a good little while.

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Well, here’s my theory. If they continue with game based seasons (This season is Reach, another season would be CE, another would be H2, another H3) and H3 would include ODST. Well, my theory is they are saving firefight for the H3/ODST season, since it debuted in ODST, that would be a big hype creator for that season.

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What an absolutely terrifying thought. The inner machinations of your mind terrify me from this post alone friend. Lol, but all jokes aside you make an unsettling strong point. I wouldnt be strong pressed to follow any other train of thought but judging the current model of the game and it’s set up it’s such a decent likely hood I don’t like it.

If that were the case I’m worried about the games longevity. Even h5 had a form of firefight after a year

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I know. But hopefully I’m wrong, there are a lot of leaks that suggest Infection is coming soon but with the logic from my theory, it would make sense for them to drop infection+flood related modes during halloween, so who knows. Maybe we’ll get firefight in S2.