Where is FFA? Did they remove it?

Is FFA not an option anymore? I have 3 challenges for it and I can’t find it in the menu?

I tried playing 3 separate rumble matches and none counted to my FFA challenges despite them all being FFA matches.


Yeah pretty sure that’s a big old oversight from 343. Very annoying, hopefully they do that thing where they give everyone the weekly because of it.


Rumble Pit and Last Spartan Standing should count toward FFA challenges. Since FFA is literally stated in the description of those game types.


FFA Challenge issues are being investigated - hang tight!


While you’re at it please add the Kansas city Twitch drops to my account thanks.

I used a double XP boost, but my challenges were FFA-related and even though I played last spartan standing and rumble pit, nothing was unlocked.

A double XP boost wasted.


At least, looks like 343i is aware of it and eventually will be fixed. I hope.

Will we be getting the Slayer Free for All playlist back? Gutted that’s been removed.

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